Paws and Cleanliness: A Guide to a Spotless Home with Dogs

Paws and Cleanliness Dog

Pets are great. They provide people with unconditional love, encourage exercise, and keep unwanted pests at bay.

If you live with a dog, you know how the pet hair seems to find its way anywhere. From your clothing to your counters, you need to keep up with your dog’s “paws and cleanliness”.

Luckily, there is a healthy list of tips and tricks you can implement into your routine to keep your home as clean and free of pet hair as possible. In this guide, we’ll explore some practical tips and tricks on how to have a clean house with dogs.

Let’s begin!

Grooming for a Cleaner Canine

One of the first steps to a cleaner home with dogs starts with your four-legged friend’s grooming routine. Regular brushing not only keeps your dog’s coat looking great but also helps reduce shedding. When your dog sheds less, there will be fewer loose hairs around your home to clean up. 

Invest in Quality Cleaning Supplies

Having the right cleaning supplies is essential to maintain a spotless home with dogs. Opt for pet-friendly cleaning products that are safe for both your furry friend and your family. Look for products that can effectively remove pet stains and odors without harsh chemicals. Keep a stock of paper towels, pet stain removers, and odor-neutralizing sprays on hand for quick cleanups.

Frequent Vacuuming

Dogs can leave behind more than just fur. Dirt, dust, and debris also make their way into your home on your dog’s paws. Regular vacuuming can help keep your floors clean and free from allergens. Consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to trap even the tiniest particles.

Use Washable Mats and Covers

To protect your furniture and floors, use washable mats and furniture covers in areas where your dog spends a lot of time. These can be easily removed and cleaned, preventing your dog’s mess from becoming a permanent part of your home décor.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Consistency is vital when it comes to maintaining a clean house with pets. Set up a daily and weekly cleaning routine to ensure that you stay on top of pet-related messes.

Daily tasks might include wiping down surfaces and vacuuming, while weekly chores could involve washing pet bedding and toys. Hiring a professional house cleaning crew once or twice a month, like guarantees that every corner of your house is spotless all the time.

Properly Store Pet Food

dog food placed in the bowl

Storing your dog’s food properly is essential not just for their health but also for cleanliness. Keep dry kibble in an airtight container to prevent pests and odors. Clean your dog’s food and water bowls regularly to avoid bacterial growth and foul smells.

Train Your Dog

Basic obedience training goes a long way in maintaining a clean home. Teach your dog commands like “sit” and “stay” to prevent them from tracking mud and dirt through the house. Properly housetraining your pup will also help avoid accidents indoors.

Learn How to Keep a House Clean With Dogs

Knowing how to keep a house clean with dogs and having a spotless home with dogs is totally achievable. With consistent effort, clear lines of communication, and a commitment to cleanliness, a dog owner can create a home that is both comfortable and tidy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional trainer if needed. Try these tips to keep your home and canine companion looking their best!

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