Aqua Neighbors: 6 Neon Tetra Tank Mates That Live in Perfect Harmony

Neon Tetra Tank Mates Fish

The neon tetra is one of the most popular fish species. They’re exceptionally easy to care for and make a beautiful addition to any home aquarium.

Some fish keepers might know you can put neon tetras with danios, rasboras, and other schooling fish in the same aquarium. Is your aquarium stocked with lots of different fish?

It’s not enough to know the right combinations to use. You also need to learn more about them.

That’s the purpose of this guide. Here you’ll find six neon tetra tank mates in this guide. Get started by learning more about your tetras and the water chemistry.

1. Cory Catfish

Cory catfish are the perfect addition to any neon tetra tank. These fish get along well with the other fish in the tank, and they don’t cause any disruption or confrontation. This can be found in small schools, and they’re eager to please.

They eat many different types of food, from flakes and pellets, to live or frozen food, and they help keep your tank clean by eating off the bottom of the aquarium. They also have a peaceful temperament and are a great choice for a tank with many different species of fish.

In addition, these fish are small and easy to care for; they require no special equipment or treatment and will add life and color to your tank. The presence of cory catfish in a neon tetra tank is recommended if you want to maintain harmony and enjoy a balanced ecosystem.

2. Dwarf Gourami

The Dwarf Gourami fish is a great candidate for the Neon Tetra tank mate. These colorful and attractive fish live in perfect harmony with each other. It has vertically striped blue and red bodies that match the vibrant flair of the Neon Tetras. When two Dwarf Gouramis are kept in the same aquarium, they tend to stay within the same territory in the tank and rarely dispute each other.

They prefer mid- to back-level activity within the tank, as they are quite shy and submissive. They are relatively peaceful fish that generally get along with their other tank mates, making them an ideal friend for the Neon Tetra.

Additionally, they don’t tend to nip fins, reducing stress from that angle as well. They are undemanding and create a wonderful addition to any tropical community aquarium.

3. Rummy Nose Tetras

Rummy Nose Tetras are a great tank mate for Neon Tetras, living in perfect harmony together. These peaceful fish possess a unique coloring due to the deep red stripe running along them, surrounded by a silver/white body.

These small fish are also well known for their bright red noses, hence their common name. They can live for up to 8 years and grow to about 2 inches in length. They feed on small crustaceans, worms, and flake food in the wild, and in captivity, they can also learn to eat treats like brine shrimp and freeze-dried bloodworms.

fishs in aquarium

When kept in an aquarium with other fish, Rummy Nose Tetras love to form small schools to enter social activities together. Because of this, they can add a lot of movement and color to the tank while never having any conflicts with other species. This makes Rummy Nose Tetras an excellent fish for a neon tetra tank and living in perfect harmony.

4. Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish

Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish are small, peaceful schooling fish that make an excellent tank mate of Neon Tetras. These fish are peaceful and stay on the small side making them ideal for many community aquariums. They are very easy to care for, and their bright, beautiful colors are a delight to behold.

The Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish is a fantastic tank mate for Neon Tetras as they will provide some contrast to the usually drab colors of the Neon Tetra yet still remain peaceful and relatively low maintenance. They can tolerate a wide range of water quality making them an ideal choice for budding aquarists.

5. Harlequin Rasbora

The Harlequin Rasbora is a peaceful and peaceful schooling fish, making it an ideal tank mate for the Neon Tetra. A single individual should not be kept in a tank, as they need to be kept in schools of 5-6 or more. They prefer to stay near the middle-top regions of the tank and should be kept in densely planted aquariums.

This should be fed a varied diet of freeze-dried foods, and live and frozen foods. They prefer soft, slightly acidic waters and can be easily intimidated by their tank mates. The Neon Tetra lives well with the Harlequin Rasbora, as they prefer similar environments and can provide a fun and vibrant addition to the tank.

The two species blend well together in terms of color and body shape, and they quite enjoy schooling with each other. They can get along very well so long as other aggressive fish or fish of a similar size are not around. With similar requirements and compatible temperaments, the Neon Tetra and Harlequin Rasbora can live in perfect harmony.

6. Bristlenose Plecos

Bristlenose Plecos are one of the best tank mates for Neon Tetras. Not only are they docile and easy to care for, but they also help keep the tank clean by eating the algae that tends to grow on the sides and back of the tank. They are nocturnal, so they tend to stay mainly in the shadows and do not compete with the Neon Tetras for food during the day.

They are a peaceful community fish, making them the perfect addition to a Neon Tetra aquarium. Due to their small neon tetra size, Bristlenose Plecos are a good choice for tanks under 20 gallons. They can be identified by their whisker-like mouthparts, and they come in various shades of brown and tan. Check more neon tetra tank mates at Fishkeeping Wisdom.

All About Neon Tetra Tank Mates

The neon tetra tank mate is a rewarding and amazing fish that has many beautiful tank mate options. From other species of Tetras to peaceful bottom dwellers, there are lots of options that will live in perfect harmony with the Neon Tetra.

You don’t need to be an expert to choose the perfect tank mates for your Neon Tetra, so why not give it a try and add some diversity to your aquarium?

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