How to Choose the Right Luxury Portable Toilet for Your Event

Right Luxury Portable Toilet

Do you attend a lot of events that need a luxury portable toilet?

If the state of the portable toilets at events you attend has embarrassed you, it’s time to make a change.

Public events with many attendees must have a clean, portable toilet. To have a negative user experience due to unclean portable toilets ruins the event.

Understand what goes into picking a luxury portable toilet. Then, choose the one that will meet your needs. Here is our expert guide to selecting a luxury portable toilet. Continue reading!

Standard Portable Toilets

These are ideal for events or projects with ample space and guests or workers who prefer standard facilities. The standard portable toilets have many stalls, urinals, and hand-washing sinks.

These types of toilets vary in size and we can deliver them to the location and assemble them onsite. Standard portable toilets need extra care to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests or workers.

To keep the toilets clean, hire a service to empty and sanitize them. Stocking the bathroom with toilet paper and hand soap is also recommended. You may also check this guide to choosing the right portable toilet for more details.

Deluxe or Flushable Portable Toilets

Consider the size and scope when choosing between deluxe or flushable portable toilets for your event or project. Deluxe units work well for medium to significant events. They have more luxury portable toilet features like a flushing mechanism and a comfortable seat.

If the project is small, it might be better to use flushable portable toilets. They are cheaper, easier to care for, and don’t take up much space. Flushable toilets are less likely to create an offensive odor, which may be more critical if the bathroom is in a residential or public area.

A simple way to decide is to assess if an event or project will need full-service amenities and luxury portable toilet capacity has enough space to accommodate a larger unit.

VIP/Executive Portable Toilets

They made these portable toilets to give people the same experience as a regular restroom. They are convenient because you don’t have to rent or install permanent facilities. The toilets have a flushing system, comfortable seats, hand sanitizers, and good ventilation.

Plus, they are easy to transport, which makes them perfect for any event or project that requires temporary washroom facilities. VIP/Executive toilets are an excellent choice for those who want top-of-the-line facilities for their event or project. They are also affordable and offer unmatched levels of comfort and convenience.

Trailer-Mounted Toilets

Right Luxury Portable Toilet for Your Event

You can move trailer-mounted toilets to different places. They are permanent and clean, without the need for regular cleaning. These units are usually self-contained that you can tow or lift with a forklift. They also have their own waste holding tank.

Trailer toilets are perfect for big events with lots of people. You can connect many units to accommodate larger groups.

Knowing this Luxury Portable Toilet

Choosing the proper luxury portable toilet for your event can be challenging. Still, it pays off when your guests enjoy the experience.

With the above information in mind, take the time to assess your needs and choose the luxury portable toilet size that meets your needs and budget. Make your next event memorable by investing in today’s luxury portable toilet!

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