Lawn Care: The Most Common Colorado Weeds and How to Control Them

Common Colorado Weeds and How to Control Them

Taking care of a beautiful and robust lawn in Colorado can be tricky, mainly because of a problem called weeds. Lawn weeds are like unwelcome guests on your property. They make it look less pretty and fight with the plants you want to grow, trying to steal their food and water.

In Colorado, some weeds often show up because of the particular weather and dirt. Let’s discuss a few of these common Colorado weeds and figure out how to deal with them.

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Common Mallow (Malva Neglecta)

Common Mallow’s plant has circle-shaped leaves and pink or purple flowers. This plant can quickly grow in Colorado lawns. To stop it from spreading, you need to cut your property regularly.

When you cut it, the plant can’t make flowers and seeds. Using a special weed-killing spray before the plant starts growing in the spring is also a good idea. This spray stops it from growing.

Bindweed (Convolvulus Arvensis)

Bindweed is a tricky weed in Colorado. You can tell it by its twisting vines and flowers that look like trumpets, usually white or pink. Pulling it out with your hands is one way to deal with it, but you must ensure you get the whole root out.

Another trick is to put a layer of mulch on the ground, which stops it from growing. You can also use special weed-killing sprays after it starts developing. These sprays help control how much it spreads.

Canada Thistle (Cirsium Arvense)

Canada Thistle is a lousy weed that can quickly take over lawns and open areas. If you want to stop it, you should cut your property often and ensure the grass is healthy by giving it enough water and plant food. This can help prevent the weed from growing.

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To control it, you can use special weed-killing sprays. These sprays get into the plant and its roots, so it can’t grow back again.

Kochia (Kochia Scoparia)

Kochia is a pesky weed that can look like a tumbleweed. You need to remove the plants before they make seeds to stop them from spreading.

If you catch it early and pull it out, that’s an excellent way to control it. You can also use special sprays that stop it from growing if you put them on the ground before the plant starts growing in the spring.

Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale)

Dandelions might look happy with their yellow flowers, but they’re invasive. Doing things like cutting your lawn properly and giving it enough water can weaken dandelions. You can pull them out with your hands if you only have a few.

However, if there’s a lot, you can use special sprays that stop them from growing after they’ve already started. It would also be best to click here to know more about lawn care.

Conquering Common Colorado Weeds for a Beautiful Lawn

Dealing with common Colorado weeds requires taking care of your lawn and using intelligent ways to handle the weeds. Cut your property often, give it the right amount of water, and add plant food. These steps will make it harder for weeds to take over.

For some weeds, pulling them out by hand works well. But special sprays that stop weeds before or after they’ve started growing can also help a lot.

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