What Causes Sewer Backup and How do I Prevent it?

Sewer Backup and How Do I Prevent

Are you troubled by the thought of a sewer backup? Do you dread the idea that your house might be damaged by unsanitary sewage water?

Sewer backups can be messy, costly, and hazardous to health. Whatever your concerns may be, you’re in the right place. Preventing them involves understanding the causes and taking proactive measures.

Keep reading to find out everything you want to know about what causes sewer backup and how to prevent it from happening again.


Blockages occur when too much debris accumulates in a home’s pipes, resulting in a buildup of waste material that prevents sewer flow from passing through. Grease, diapers, and other foreign objects are among some of the debris that can cause blockages.

To prevent this, homeowners can take simple preventive measures such as avoiding flushing personal hygiene items or greasy substances down the drain, installing a water filter, using a sanitary sewer grease trap, and running hot water through pipes and drains to break up debris.

Additionally, regularly having drain lines inspected and cleared by professionals can help reduce the risk of blockage-related sewer backups and costs. Check out https://www.quickproplumbing.com/plumber-marietta/ for more details.

Tree Roots

Tree roots infiltrate sewer lines and pipes, growing into the pipes and creating an obstruction. The roots seek out moisture, and sometimes, the moisture coming from leaks in sewer lines is attractive to the tree roots. It can be difficult to detect leaking pipes under the soil, and tree roots take advantage of this.

To prevent sewer back-up caused by tree roots, try not to plant trees or shrubs too close to the sewer line. Consider installing root-preventative measures to ensure tree roots do not access your sewer lines.

Combined Sewer System Overload

Combined sewer system overload (CSOs) occurs when water from sources like rain, snowmelt, and groundwater enter the system faster than it can be treated and discharged safely into receiving waters. If the sewer system is overwhelmed, untreated sewage can be released back into:

  • homes
  • businesses
  • streets

To prevent this, it is important to inspect existing sewer systems and make necessary repairs. Additionally, installing check valves or backwater valves can help reduce the chances of sewage backup.

Aging Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure is a major contributor to sewer backups. Since many of these systems were installed many decades ago, they are not equipped to handle the increased amount of wastewater that comes from population growth and new development.

plumber fix the pipe

Poorly designed old pipes can also cause backups if they are too narrow or shallow. This results in water gushing out at high pressure. Preventing sewer backups due to aging infrastructure involves routine maintenance. This includes arranging for sewer line inspections and cleaning, as well as replacing aged pipes when necessary.

Understand What Causes Sewer Backup and Avoid It

So, what causes sewer backup? There are a variety of causes for sewer backup. However, with proper maintenance, many of these issues can be avoided.

Routine inspections and cleaning of pipes, along with being mindful of what is put down the sink and toilet, are key steps to help prevent sewer backup. If you’re still having issues, contact a professional to help solve the problem.

Should you wish to explore more topics aside from these plumbing problems, visit our blog.

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