The Services Provided By a Citi Premier Card

Services Provided By A Citi Premier Card

A flexible travel rewards credit card, the Citi Premier Card enables users to accrue ThankYou Points for regular purchases. With a sizable welcome bonus and outstanding returns on a variety of spending categories, it is well-liked by travelers and reward-seeking individuals.

The card is designed for people who like to accrue worthwhile rewards on travel-related costs and other regular expenditures.

This card gives substantial benefits that may be used immediately for travel via the ThankYou benefits Travel Centre and assigned to airline & hotel partners, regardless of how frequently you dine out, fill up at petrol stations, or buy at supermarkets. There are further benefits to the Citi Premier® Card, as outlined below.


  • a 60,000-point welcome bonus is lucrative.
  • 3x points are awarded for purchases made at restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations, and hotels.
  • Options for flexible redemption are available, and they include using every one of Citi’s airlines as well as hotel transfer partners.
  • Absence of foreign transaction fees
  • gaining access to premium entertainment and lifestyle benefits

reasons to Use a Citi Premier Card

  • The card offers excellent returns on grocery store purchases.
  • Use fixed value points toward hotel and air travel
  • It offers cardholders a variety of redemption choices, allowing them to use their ThankYou Points in a variety of ways.

If you’re a member or if you can use your ThankYou Points to book flights, accommodations, rental cars, vacations, and more for just one cent each when you employ a ThankYou Travel Center.

There are no ban dates, and airfare is classified as revenue, so you’ll accrue elite as well as redeemable miles. When redeemed for a set value via the travel site, the signup bonus has an initial worth of $600 for travel.

Balance Transfer: Positives and Negatives

For airline premium cabin redemptions, travel partners can use ThankYou Points.

$95 for each year

The $95 annual fee for the card is comparable to those of other cards in the mid-tier variable rewards card category.

Although a card fails to offer high-end features like access to airport lounges, cardholders may still take advantage of a number of advantages that more than offset the annual cost. As with any card, if you feel there were deceptive practices, file a complaint with your state’s department of consumer affairs.

creating an Authorized User Profile is free of charge

Giving a family relative or spouse a designated user card is free, and you may utilize household expenditures to earn extra points by adding authorized users to your account.

TRansferring Premier Points to Others

ThankYou Points may be freely transferred across accounts, making it simple to share prizes. Within a calendar year, you are allowed to transfer and get back a maximum of 100,000 points each.

Balance Transfer Positives and Negatives

It’s crucial to remember that Citi imposes an extremely restrictive expiration policy for shared points. Since points have a 90-day expiration date after being transferred, you must have the possible redemption planned out before you begin moving points around to avoid losing them.

$100 per year in hotel savings

A $100 yearly hotel savings bonus is included with this card in addition to its enormous earning potential. Through, you can receive $100 off a single lodging of at least $500, excluding charges and taxes, once per calendar year.

In reality, you save 20% on a $500 cash hotel stay. Considering that the card has a $95 yearly fee, utilizing this advantage just once a year can make up for the expense of keeping the card.

The card lost several of its advantages, such as vehicle rental insurance, travel delay protection, and cancellations of travel and interruption insurance, but it kept extended warranty ( protection and purchase protection. The following are the only remaining security features of this card:

  • Purchase Protection: With purchase security, you may use a card to purchase an eligible item and get up to $10,000 in compensation per occurrence if the item is stolen or damaged between 90 days of the date of purchase or delivery. $50,000 is the upper limit for each calendar year.
  • Extended Warranty: The warranty provided by the manufacturer on qualifying goods is extended for an additional 24 months by the extended warranty coverage. The maximum amount of coverage for this benefit is $10,000 per item, and it only applies to products with a manufacturer’s guarantee of no more than five years.

Benefits of Lifestyle and Entertainment

  • Private Pass: This program provides special event admission to a variety of entertainment and leisure activities to debit and credit cards. Card holders may take advantage of pre-sale tickets, priority seating, and VIP bundles for popular events including concerts, sporting events, dining occasions, and more with Private Pass.
  • Concierge: Elite concierge service offers tailored help and lifestyle administration services to holders of Premier cards. A staff of professionals is on call around-the-clock to help with a range of activities and requests, including making reservations for restaurants, booking tickets for events, making shopping suggestions, and other services related to concierge services.

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