Why Can’t I Hear Out of My Ear? When to Get a Hearing Test

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Hearing loss is more common than ever, but most of the time we don’t think about our hearing until it’s a problem. However, when we can’t hear, it means that something’s gone wrong and that you’re at risk of important losses.

We often blame loss of hearing on ringing in the ears or a loud crowd at a party, but there’s more to it than that. If you feel like you can’t hear out of one of your ears, don’t ignore it.

Find out the answer to your question, “Why can’t I hear out of my ear” by reading this quick guide.

Why Can’t I Hear Out of My Ear?

Hearing loss can be a distressing and confusing experience, especially if you can’t determine the cause. There could be several underlying issues causing your hearing loss.

Many times, hearing loss is strongly correlated with underlying health conditions such as ear infections, Eustachian tube dysfunction, dizziness, and tinnitus that need to be addressed in order to restore normal hearing. Other times, hearing loss is caused by age, exposure to loud noise, and genetics.

Even if the cause is evident, like an infection or wax buildup, having a hearing test can help your doctor determine the severity of the issue and how best to treat it.

When is the Time to Schedule a Hearing Test?

When it comes to the issue of when is the time to schedule a hearing test, the answer is clear; if at any point in time you start experiencing hearing loss or other ear issues, you should make an appointment immediately. When it comes to not being able to hear out of your ear, it could be a sign of an underlying ear issue or a more significant hearing problem.

A hearing test is the only way to accurately diagnose the issue and receive a proper treatment plan. Furthermore, hearing tests can also provide a baseline of hearing loss so that any potential future deterioration or change can be identified easily and treated quickly.

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Take a hearing test to pinpoint any potential issues and help determine what type of treatment you may need.

Tips to Avoid Hearing Loss

Some quick tips to avoid hearing loss include wearing ear protection when exposed to loud noises, limiting your time near loud noise sources, turning down the volume of earphones or headphones, getting a hearing test regularly, and avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke. Taking proactive steps to hear your best can ensure that your hearing health is taken seriously and that you can avoid preventable hearing loss.

Hear us Out and Get a Hearing Test

Everybody deserves to have a clear hearing. If you have been asking yourself “Why can’t I hear out of my ear”, the first step to take is to visit your doctor for a hearing test.

You don’t want to miss out on the sounds and conversations that life has to offer. Make your hearing a priority – book an appointment today!

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