4 Design Tips for Creating Effortless Countertop Displays

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Cash flow or sales problems are one of the main reasons why small businesses go bankrupt. You might think this is because they don’t have good offerings, but think again. An important part of the business is to market your products effectively. Otherwise, how are consumers going to know what you have in the first place?

Countertop displays are a fantastic way to show off your stock. Plus, they can encourage impulse buys too. Below are four design tips you should follow to create effective countertop displays without too much effort.

1. Keep it Simple

Many people tend to go overboard with their countertop display cases. After all, the more, the better, right?

However, these displays can end up looking cluttered, and it can overwhelm viewers. When it’s difficult to focus on individual items, it’s likely they’ll abandon the task altogether. You should choose a few key items to showcase rather than trying to display everything at once.

2. Make Them Color Coordinated

Having a cohesive color scheme that complements the products on display and the overall environment will naturally draw people’s eyes to your displays.

Again, keep it simple, as too many conflicting colors can be distracting. They can take away from the beauty of the items you’re showcasing. If you aren’t sure which colors to use, then refer to a color wheel. This can tell you which hues match and which clash.

3. Include Height Variation

To make an even more attractive countertop display stand, consider varying the height of your displayed products, as this will add visual interest. You can use countertop display racks, stands, risers, or shelving to create different levels. Acrylic countertop displays are great too, as they have tiered levels in them. Whatever you choose, it’ll be easier for viewers to see all items clearly, as they won’t block one another.

Don’t be afraid to leave some empty space either. Negative space helps create a sense of elegance and also highlights the importance of the displayed products.

4. Tell a Story

Adding random things to your countertop display won’t be very effective. You’ll want to draw customers in, and an excellent way to do so is to tell a story with your products.

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Arrange them in a way that evokes a specific theme. This helps create an emotional connection with viewers, and it’ll make the displays more memorable. Even if they don’t buy something this time, they’ll remember the display when they need the product, and you can count on them returning to make a purchase!

Create Attractive Countertop Displays

You should think of your countertop displays as the last line of attack, as it’s one of the last things customers look at before paying. For this reason, you should make yours as appealing as possible. And with our tips, that’s certainly possible!

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