Identifying and Overcoming Symptoms of Ineffective Coping Strategies

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety take a toll on the human body and mind, and one of the worst coping mechanisms you can choose is to use drugs and alcohol. Over 46 million people in the United States fit the criteria of substance abuse disorder, and few know healthy ways to handle their emotions and struggles.

Attending addiction treatment centers is daunting to many people who don’t believe they have an alcohol or drug addiction. One of the best ways to get help is by identifying and altering ineffective coping strategies with healthier options.

The good news is that you’ve uncovered this guide to common coping mechanisms harmful to your health and wellness. Continue reading to learn how to identify ineffective coping mechanisms and seek help for addiction treatment today!

Avoiding your Issues

Ignoring and avoiding your issues is a guaranteed way to find yourself in a dark place. It might feel easier now to forget your problems rather than face them, but they’ll add up quickly.

Many people discover that ignoring these issues results in triggers. These triggers lead to drug and alcohol abuse. It’s helpful to find a different coping mechanism to avoid falling into the clutches of addiction.

Sleeping Too Much

Sleeping is another unhealthy and dangerous coping mechanism. If you’re worried about how much your loved one is sleeping, it could be a sign that they’re using this ineffective coping mechanism. It’s a way to distract oneself from the things they face.

Your body and mind require rest to be healthy, but you should remain physically active. It’s also a possible sign of drug addiction if your loved one is sleeping most of the day away. Consider helping them enroll in an inpatient treatment center for professional assistance.

sleeping to much

Drug or Alcohol Use

Excessive drug and alcohol use is one of the common coping mechanisms people turn to when attempting to numb themselves. It’s a significant red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. Using drugs and alcohol is a slippery slope that doesn’t take much to turn into a full-blown addiction.

Depressants are known to numb feelings and thoughts to avoid processing emotions. Excessive use of them could result in severe short and long-term health issues. It’s best to help your loved one start a journey toward health and wellness.

Impulsive Spending

Retail therapy is a real thing, and it’s a sign that your loved one is struggling and losing an internal battle. Excessive buying of material items is a stepping stone that could lead to worse addictions. Work with professionals at addiction treatment centers to provide the help and lifestyle changes your loved one needs.

Avoid Ineffective Coping and Its Consequences

Ineffective coping mechanisms come with significant consequences, especially when your loved one turns to drugs and alcohol to numb their feelings. Impulsive spending and excessive sleeping are two clear signs that the person you care about suffers and needs professional help. Excessive drug use could also result in requiring assistance from addiction treatment centers.

It’s best to never gamble with your health; that starts with making the best decisions for your mind and body. Read more of our Health and Fitness content to find the best tips to live a long, active life!

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