How Old is Hasbulla?


The Mini Khabib, Hasbulla, has captured the hearts of countless people worldwide and garnered immense affection globally. His unique, inspiring, and adorable personality, besides his small stature, vibrant energy, and upbeat presence on social media, captivated people from all corners of the globe.

Hasbulla’s undeniable skills and magnetic charisma have played a momentous role in his rapid rise to fame and stardom. However, his physical stature has raised questions regarding his age, health, and potential genetic disorder.

In this blog, we will delve deep into various aspects of his life, including how he achieved rapid fame, his journey to earning the title of mini Khabib, and his age. So, let’s get some glimpses of Hasbulla’s intriguing journey.

Insights of Hasbulla’s Life 

Hasbulla is a 20-year-old influential and sensational internet personality. He was born in Dagestan, Russia. There is some uncertainty regarding his date of birth based on his social media accounts and information available on the internet. Some sources claim that Hasbulla’s date of birth is October 25th, while others suggest it to be July 7th, 2003. As of 2023, Hasbulla is currently 21 years old.

Hasbulla’s fame began to rise in 2021 when his content started going viral, primarily due to his spontaneous reactions in videos. His baby-like face and small stature made him relatable and likable, leading him to become a part of memes and videos that resonated with a wide audience.

How Old Is Hasbullah? A Look at the Facts

NameHasbulla Magomedovich Magomedov
Date of Birth7 July 2003
Famous NameMini Khabib, Hasbulla,
Net Worth$2 Million
Place of BirthMakhachkala, Russia
Genetic DisorderDwarfism
Height3ft 4″ (101cm)
Weight16 kilos
Marital StatusSingle

Clips that Made Hasbulla Famous

Which was the first video that made ‘Mini Khabib’ Hasbulla go viral? There is no certain answer to that because Hasbulla has been generating content on TikTok and Instagram for quite some time. Most of his videos involve Tamaev, an MMA fighter. They post content in which they mess around with each other. A video of mini Khabib mimicking Khabib Nurmagomedov, a UFC 229 weigh-in champion, went viral. The refreshing and unique style of Hasbulla in that video was admired by the viewers and gained him considerable popularity.

Why does Hasbulla Look Younger than his Age?

Most of the fans have questioned the small stature of Hasbulla. Though Hasbulla is 20 years old today, his small stature raises a lot of questions. Here we will deeply discuss the reason behind his pint-size, his take on it, and its impact on his fame.

The Age of Hasbulla: Separating Facts from Fiction

When fans question how old Hasbulla is, the expectation does not exceed 12 years old. But the facts are a shocker for viewers. Hasbulla may have the body of a toddler, but he is 20 years old. This internet sensation has struggled with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). This condition is commonly known as dwarfism.

Despite his condition, Mini Khabib is fairly optimistic about his life and barely talks about his disorder. Recently, Hasbulla was vocal about this matter, and it reflected his positive self-reflection. 20-year-old Hasbulla replied positively to the question regarding his disorder, and he said

“I can’t say that I’m handicapped. I can speak, I understand. I have arms and legs just like others ”

Hasbulla considers himself small and rare. He surely knows how to use that to his advantage.

Why is Hasbulla Called Mini Khabib?

Khabib has a cordial relationship with Mini Khabib, also known as Hasbulla. Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov is a Russian-Muslim professional mixed martial artist with an impressive record of zero losses and 29 wins in the UFC lightweight championship. Khabib recognized the upbeat talent of Hasbulla through a viral video in which Hasbulla imitated Khabib’s signature victory style.

After their meet-up, rumors started circulating regarding their potential blood relation or some sort of family connection. However, it was later clarified that Hasbulla earned his title purely due to his viral video and his shared passion with Khabib. In reality, they are not directly related in any way.

Hasbulla Magomedov vs Abdu Rozik fight

Last year we saw on social media that two kids had a steer contest. Not sure who started this adorable fight, but by the giggles and waves of laughter of the people around, it seemed like they all enjoyed it.

Abdu Rozik, like Hasbulla, also suffers from the same disorder and is a public personality. One of Abdu Rozik’s notable appearances on television was during Manchester United’s recent Premier League game against Watford at Old Trafford. He has also appeared on Salman Khan’s popular show, Bigg Boss.

The playful scuffle between Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik has gained significant attention from the public. Their meetings often turn into friendly banter, filled with lighthearted mocking and playful exchanges.


Hasbulla, also known as Mini Khabib, has a petite appearance, which has led to conflicting information regarding his age. As of 2023, Hasbulla is believed to be around 20 or 21 years old. His limited physical growth is attributed to his dwarfism disorder.

Despite his disorder, Hasbulla has become an internet sensation with millions of followers. He continues to create content, explore opportunities in NFTs, and even secure sponsorships from UFC and other ventures. His popularity has opened up numerous doors for him, providing him with exciting opportunities.

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