A Guide to the Different Types of Underwater Scooters

Diver use underwater scooter

Wondering whether you should give scuba diving a shot? While there’s nothing quite like being underwater without the aid of gear, learning to dive can be a bit daunting.

That’s why many people opt for sea scooters – a device that floats alongside the user and allows them to reach new depths in a safe and cost-effective manner.

But how do you pick the best scooter for your diving needs? Here are the different types of underwater scooters you need to know.

Traditional Propeller Scooters

One of the most common types of sea scooters is the traditional propeller scooter. These scooters feature a propeller at the rear that is powered by an electric motor.

The diver holds onto the handles and controls the speed and direction of the scooter. They are typically lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them suitable for divers of all experience levels.


The Seabob is a popular and high-performance underwater scooter. It features a sleek design with integrated handles and intuitive controls. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor and offers multiple speed settings.


This allows divers to reach impressive speeds while exploring the depths. Some models even come with built-in cameras to capture your underwater adventures.

Dual Thruster Scooters

Dual thruster scooters are designed for divers who require more power and control underwater. These scooters feature two propellers that provide enhanced maneuverability and speed.

It has separate controls for each thruster. This allows divers to navigate through tight spaces or against strong currents. Dual thruster scooters are often preferred by technical divers and underwater photographers. This is because it allows you to have precise control over their movements.

Compact and Foldable Scooters

For divers who prioritize portability and convenience, compact and foldable scooters are an excellent choice. These scooters are:

  • lightweight
  • easy to carry
  • compact size

Despite their compact design, they still offer decent power and speed, making them suitable for recreational divers who want to explore different dive sites without the hassle of heavy equipment.

Hybrid Scooters

Hybrid underwater scooters combine the benefits of traditional propeller scooters and dual thruster scooters. These versatile devices allow divers to switch modes. It can go from single propeller mode for casual cruising to dual thruster mode for more demanding dives.

Hybrid scooters are perfect for divers who enjoy exploring different types of underwater environments and want the flexibility to adapt to varying conditions.

Seated Underwater Scooters

The seated sea scooter offers a comfortable and thrilling ride for divers and snorkelers alike. These scooters come with a seat or saddle-like attachment that allows users to sit while navigating through the water.

Seated scooters often have a higher weight capacity. They are suitable for individuals who prefer a more relaxed diving experience or for those with physical limitations. Check here to find out more about underwater scooters that are the best fit for you.

Learn the Different Types of Underwater Scooters Today

Underwater scooters offer a great way to explore the depths of the ocean or lake. They provide a thrilling experience without breaking the bank and making it possible to safely explore the underwater world. All you need to do to find a scooter that fits your needs is to consider factors like power, speed, functionality, and budget. Get your scooter today and get exploring!

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