DIY Aromatherapy Candles with Aroma Oils

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy can provide excellent health benefits such as improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and even pain relief. If you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you may be interested in getting these advantages by creating your own candles containing soothing aroma oils.

This may not be as simple a task as it first seems though, and there are several factors that will contribute to the success or the failure of your new hobby. Happily, when you know what to look out for, you can achieve amazing results.

Let’s learn more about making DIY aromatherapy candles.

Choose an Unscented Wax

The last thing you want is for the smell of your candle wax to overpower the scent of your aroma oil. This is why it’s best to choose an unscented wax that won’t affect the fragrance of your essential oils, ensuring your candle will smell exactly how you want it to when lit.

Although it’s possible to combine scented wax with pure aroma essential oils to produce tantalizing smells, this can be tricky and may take some trial and error. For your initial attempts, sticking to an unscented option will be much easier.

Pick Your Favorite Essential Oils

Choosing aroma oils is enjoyable, and you can pick the ones that match your mood. If you’re feeling upbeat, a light and energizing eucalyptus oil can lift your spirits even further. Or if you’re hoping to get rid of the day’s tension and unwind, you can browse this woody scents collection.

Feel free to experiment with the various options to find the ones that most appeal to your senses.

Measure Carefully

You need to use enough oil to provide a subtle yet noticeable aroma throughout your room. But you also don’t want to put too much into your candle, possibly producing an aroma that is too strong.

Candle with wood stick

It’s best to use a teaspoon to pour small amounts of aroma essential oil into your candle, and you can then add more if you don’t think the smell is obvious enough. This is a better approach than pouring too much in and not being able to get it back out!

Place Your Candles in Suitable Locations

Candles aren’t as safe to use as aroma oil diffusers, as you’ll be lighting a flame that could potentially cause a fire in your home. Therefore, although you’ll be eager to place your candle where it can effectively deliver its scent, you should also bear the safety aspect in mind.

This will allow you to get the maximum benefit without putting yourself or others at risk.

Relax and Destress Using Aroma Oils

Using aroma oils in a DIY candle can be a lovely way to add pleasant scents to your home. Before you start, remember to buy unscented wax and your favorite essential oils. Try to be as accurate as possible when measuring the amount of oil you’ll be using, and always think carefully about the best place to light your candle.

While you chill out using aromatherapy, read more helpful tips on our website.

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