Frank Suarez Death

Frank Suarez

If you are or were also conscious about your weight and have tried different weight loss options and gone to several nutritionists, you must have come across the name Frank Suarez. He is considered to be a ”weight loss guru.” He was a writer who wrote about metabolism and weight loss and was an expert on nutrition issues. He owned the company, “Natural Slim” which specializes in manufacturing products that help to reduce weight naturally.

Frank who was known for writing healthcare books died in a tragic accident. He fell from the 9th floor of his residential place and could not survive the fall. He passed away on 25th February 2021 but his fans and police are still confused about his death, whether it was an accident or a suicide. This article will give you the details about Frank’s death and his success as a writer.

Who is Frank Suarez?

Frank Suarez is an author and a weight loss specialist. He was born in Puerto Rico in 1950. He was an obese child and faced health-related issues as he grew up. Frank struggled with losing and gaining weight. Since then, he decided to do his research on the topic of metabolism and weight loss. He lost 60 pounds and overcame his health issues related to obesity. Suarez made it his life goal to motivate and help people who were going through something similar and were hoping to lose weight.

Frank Suarez Death

Frank’s death was a shocking incident that happened on 25th February 2021. He died because of a fall from the 9th floor of his residence at Loyola Park located in San Juan in Puerto Rico. Police got suspicious of this incident and were confused about whether it was an accident or a suicide. The writer was 71 years old at the time of his death. The investigation of his case is still going on by the Homicide Division of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps.

Frank Suarez Success

Frank’s main goal was to guide individuals about losing weight and boosting their metabolism. For this purpose, he launched his own company with the name Natural Slim in Puerto Rico and Relax Slim in Florida. The goal of the company was to provide the correct metabolism consultation to their customers and help them to reduce weight using natural products. They designed special products for this to solve the issue of slow metabolism.

Frank was active on his social media and had numerous followers. He even started his YouTube channel called “Metabolismo TV.” He started sessions on them with the tag ”ASK FRANK” to guide his followers. He shared tips and techniques to lose weight naturally.

Products of Natural Slim

Some of the famous products of Natural Slim that are known to boost metabolism include:

  • COCO-10 PLUS

Books By Frank Suarez

He wrote several books related to health, nutrition, metabolism, and weight loss. His books were mostly famous in Latin American countries including Panama, Columbia, and Mexico. Frank sold 5 million copies of his first five books. His books were published in English as well as Spanish. The most famous books of Frank are:

  • The Power of Your Metabolism
  • Ultra Powerful Metabolism
  • Diabetes Without Problems
  • The Right to Male Sexuality
  • Recetas El Poder del Metabolismo


Frank Suarez was a famous weight loss specialist, known as the ”weight loss guru.” Frank guided to boost metabolism which helps in weight loss. He started his company, Natural Slim to provide products that help in boosting metabolism naturally. His famous books include ”the Power of your metabolism” and ”diabetes without problems.”

He continued to guide millions with obesity issues all across the United States until his sudden death in 2021. Frank died due to a fall from the 9th floor of his residence place. His fans and followers mourn this loss and continue to remember him in their prayers.

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