Moving to LA 101: How to Find Affordable Living

Guide to Finding the Perfect Sized Home

Los Angeles is a city where anything is possible, and many dreams have started with a move to LA. One in five people in the United States are interested in moving to LA, and with good reason. It’s home to incredible entertainment and restaurant options and a growing job market.

Renting a home is the best approach when you’re new to living in LA, but finding the best neighborhood and rent rates is essential to keep your Los Angeles move within your budget. Knowing the best tips for affordable living in Los Angeles is simpler than you’d think.

Luckily for your big move, you’ve discovered this helpful guide on the best approach to moving to Los Angeles. Continue reading for some beneficial tips for living in LA today!

Live Close to Public Transport

Cars are expensive in the US, and that’s even more true in Los Angeles. California has almost 35 million licensed drivers, hectic and crowded highways, and high gas prices. If moving to LA is your dream, consider using public transport rather than owning a car.

Look for an apartment or rental home near public transport to enjoy greater convenience while saving money. The additional costs of owning a car in California add up quickly and could put you in a dire financial situation.

Consider East Hollywood

East Hollywood might not carry the glamour as other parts of LA like Santa Monica or Echo Park, but it’s close enough to the city, and you’ll save thousands on rent monthly. It’s one of the best-kept secrets for renting a home in LA.

You’ll enjoy access to public transportation or major highways for your commute if you bring your car. Use this guide on car shipping to make moving to LA a walk in the park. Remember that rent prices increase closer to the beach, so consider renting a home further inland to save money.


Building a network of friends and references in Los Angeles is essential to find the best rental properties within your budget. You can find the best properties at affordable rates, especially if you have an established budget for your rental. Eliminate broker fees when hunting for your next home in LA.

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Negotiate with Your Landlord

Most landlords in Los Angeles are open to negotiating since their rental units are in high demand. Try negotiating a lower rate when renting a home in the LA area. You’ll save money while finding the perfect place to live when moving to LA.

Make Moving to LA a Reality Today

Los Angeles is a dream destination for millions of people, and it’s an attainable dream if you know how to plan on moving to LA within your budget. Consider renting a home or apartment in East Hollywood to save money and use moving services to ship your car. Build a network of people in LA who can help you find affordable housing, and try negotiating to get a lower rate from your landlord.

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