How to Make Sure Your Healthy Dog Lives a Long Life

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Owning a pet is an excellent way to add a furry friend to your family dynamic for more love and laughs daily. An estimated 69 million households in the United States own at least one dog, and it’s no secret that dogs add to your quality of life. Dog owners’ immense responsibility is finding ways to add to their dog’s quality of life when they join their families.

A healthy dog is likelier to live a long and happy life, but it’s up to you to ensure your furry friend raises the dog years as part of your family. Fortunately, you’ve discovered this valuable guide to keeping your dog healthy and extending your time with your sweetest (and fluffiest!) family member.

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Dog-Proof Your Home

Keeping your dog away from harmful or unhealthy things is an excellent way to become the proud owner of a healthy dog. Take time to dog-proof your home before bringing your newest family member home. Dogs and puppies are known to chew on things, so keep electrical cords out of reach.

Removing anything that dangles or wobbles is wise to prevent accidents and injuries. Don’t risk putting your furry friend in harm’s way by failing to prepare. Dive into pet insurance information here to cover your dog for all possibilities.

Find the Right Diet

Diet is another critical consideration for a healthy or elderly dog. Feeding your dog quality food with the best ingredients will give them the nutrients needed as they grow and begin aging. Stomach problems and unpleasant odors are clear signs that you must reconsider your pup’s diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Save Your Money

Seeing your dog feeling unwell or injured is a traumatic experience, and it’s made worse when you don’t have the finances to get your furry friend the help they need. A responsible pet owner should set money aside for medical emergencies should something happen to their pet. Some illnesses cost significant one-time expenses, and your savings will provide your elderly dog with plenty of good dog years.

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Prepare for the Worst

When you own a healthy dog, you never know when an emergency will strike, so preparing is an essential step. Know how far the veterinarian and animal hospitals are, and take time to learn the Heimlich maneuver for your dog. A first aid kit for your puppy is another step worth taking to ensure that your healthy pet stays out of danger.

Pamper Your Healthy Dog Today

Dogs are an excellent addition to most families, and adopting a healthy dog will bring many smiles and laughs to each person in your household. If you want those joys to last for many dog years, it’s vital to choose the best diet for your furry friend and consider pet insurance. Set savings aside for emergencies, and dog-proof your home before welcoming your healthy pet.

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