PNG vs. JPG: What’s the Difference?

png to jpg

There’s a big difference between PNG vs JPG images.

Every time you take a memorable photo, your first instinct is probably to upload it to social media or email it to your friends. Perhaps you’re trying to optimize your usage of photo storage and keep your computer as clutter-free as possible.

That’s why you must understand the differences between PNG and JPG images. This will help you store them efficiently and keep your storage space minimal.

If you’re ready to learn the difference between PNG and JPG, keep reading. We’ll break them down so you can separate the two and make an educated decision.

Understanding File Formats: PNG vs JPG

PNG and JPG are the most popular image file formats used online. While they are similar in that they are both used to store digital images, there are some critical differences between them.

PNG is a lossless file format that stores data about the image without sacrificing any information. This makes PNG great for images that require high resolution or ones that you will need to change the background.

On the other hand, JPG is a lossy file format that compresses the image and reduces the file size, but low-quality images can result. JPGs benefit from smaller file sizes, making them ideal for web-based photos that don’t require high resolution.

Ultimately, the choice of photo format will depend on the project’s specific needs. PNG and JPG have advantages; choosing the correct format will ensure your images look great.

Drawbacks of PNG and JPG

The most notable drawback to PNG files is that they take up much more storage space than JPG files regarding images. Also, they aren’t made for watching on a screen, so they may look a little blurry or pixelated when seen from a distance.


On the other hand, JPG files are much smaller, making them ideal for web viewing, as the smaller size can help speed up the time it takes for web pages to load. Depending on how much compression is used, though, JPG files can lose much picture quality when compressed.

Color Differences

The difference in color between PNG and JPG files is noticeable. Generally speaking, PNG files are 24 bits in color and can show a broader palette of colors. This makes them great for detailed images with many colors, such as logos and web graphics.

JPG files, on the other hand, are 8 bits and thus able to display fewer colors. This makes them ideal for photos with fewer colors, such as photos from digital cameras. In general, use a PNG file format when you need clarity and a more extensive range of colors, and use a JPG file format when you need a smaller file size and are less concerned with the number of colors displayed.

Choose Wisely!

In conclusion, PNG and JPG are both popular image formats. However, they have their differences. For example, JPG is typically better for displaying photos on the web, as it works best with subtle color changes, while PNG offers higher image quality and transparency. Try each file type before deciding which is best for your specific project.

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