The Ultimate Guide to RV Cleaning

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Owning an RV is one of the most freeing investments you can make. It opens the world to your traveling desires and allows you to bring the comforts of home with you no matter where you go.

Hitting the road in search of adventure in your chosen recreational vehicle is part of the joy of the modern human experience. More than 11 million U.S. households already take part in this adventure.

An aspect that gets overlooked in all the beautiful landscapes and relaxing nights around the campfire is the RV cleaning you’ll need to provide to maintain your investment. Cleaning your RV keeps it looking new and prevents wear and tear so you can enjoy family vacations together. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to find RV cleaning tips to use before your next trip.

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Read the Owner’s Manual

Reading the owner’s manual is tedious, but it’s essential to maintain your investment and keep your new RV looking nice. You’ll find all the best cleaning tips and tricks the manufacturer recommends for your new rig in this handy booklet. Use the owner’s manual when cleaning your RV’s exterior and interior for the best results.

You’ll find recommendations about the types of cleaners you should use for different materials in your RV. Don’t take unnecessary risks with RV maintenance. The wrong cleaning solution could have dire consequences for your new RV.

Ditch Big-Brand Products

You’re paying a premium for the brand name with most RV cleaning products, but the truth is that they contain the same chemicals as traditional household cleaning solutions. Most RV materials are similar to what you’d find in your home, so you can trust that your home cleaning supplies will do the trick after a long trip with your family.

Avoid falling into the trap of purchasing expensive name-brand cleaning supplies tailored for RVs. Most of these products are unnecessary for RV cleaning, and you’ll pour significant chunks of change into a product without unique benefits.

Generic household cleaners will help you keep the windows crystal clear, while dish soap is effective for cleaning up spills and stains on countertops and tables. Distilled white vinegar is another inexpensive option for cleaning products for your rig. You can click to find more tips for RV maintenance for your next road trip.

Buy a Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are the Holy Grail of cleaning products for RVs. You’ll track dirt, pebbles, and sand into your RV after long days on the trail, but your handheld vacuum will help you keep things tidy. It’s especially vital to purchase a smaller RV since there are more nooks and crannies for debris and food to fall into.

Your handheld vacuum will help you reach the toughest areas to clean. You’ll have far more time to sit around the campfire with your family and a nice mug of tea when you invest in a handheld vacuum for your RV cleaning needs. Consider a vacuum that charges with a USB cord for added convenience.

Clean the Interior and Exterior of the Windows

You’ll see incredible views from your campsites, so knowing the best cleaning tips for your RV windows is critical. Cleaning only the interior part of the window won’t cut it, as you’ll still see dirt and grime on the exterior that takes away from the view. Always clean both sides to have perfect clarity when relaxing in your dinette and enjoying lunch.

This is much easier when you own a smaller SUV since the windows are easier to reach. You can use a household window cleaner to take care of both sides of the window for stunning views throughout your trip. Use a microfiber towel to avoid scratching your windows during the cleaning process.

Large RVs are more challenging to conquer when cleaning your RV windows. Large windows could require an extended brush to reach the highest points. You can also spend money on a local oversized carwash membership to keep your RV looking brand new.

Clean the Door and Window Seals

Most RVs use rubber seals for doors and windows to keep the elements and noseeums out and the comfortable temperatures in. The issue with rubber is that it collects sand, dust, and dirt like nobody’s business. Never forget to clean the door seals when you clean your RV.

Use a mild dish detergent mixed with water to clean these seals and eliminate that pesky dirt collection. This is also an instance when paying more for RV cleaning products makes sense. Look for a product that cleans and moisturizes the seals to prevent premature failure when you’re out on the road.

Knowing where you plan to take your RV will help you plan. Arid climates dry out rubber seals much more quickly than humid climates.

Dump Your Tanks

Large RVs often have holding tanks for black and gray water waste. It’s easy to overlook the holding tanks as an area that requires RV maintenance, but it’s best to empty your tanks at every chance you get. Full tanks won’t take away from your RV’s appearance, but they will carry a nasty odor with you no matter where you drive.

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It’s much easier to enjoy fresh air in your RV when you get your tanks dumped regularly. Always keep thick rubber gloves, a hose, and a bucket in your storage for a simple dumping process.

Identify and Prevent Mold

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a new RV owner is the constant battle you’ll fight with mold. Mold and mildew thrive in moist areas, and it doesn’t take much for condensation to build up inside your RV when you’re out on the road.

Running your air conditioner in humid climates is an excellent way to prevent mold growth in your RV. You can also take steps to open the windows and doors and allow your RV to air out if you want to keep mildew at bay. Moisture-absorbing packets are another wise investment you can make to create a healthy and safe environment in your RV for your next trip.

If you find an area that smells of mildew, avoid using detergent to get rid of it. Mildew feeds on detergent, and your efforts will lead to a larger problem. Wash clothing that smells of mildew in a washing machine with distilled white vinegar to kill it and keep your clothes smelling nice.

Shine Your Tires

The odds are that you plan to take your new RV off the beaten path and into Mother Nature’s embrace. Still, you should always shine your tires and keep them looking new before you hit the road. Nothing adds to the appearance of your RV quite like shiny, black tires and a fresh exterior.

Commercial tire cleaners will do the trick to keep your RV tires looking new when you perform maintenance on your recreational vehicle. Use a natural brush and tire cleaner when handling RV cleaning for your tires to get that showroom look. Taking your RV through an oversized carwash is another path toward having shiny tires.

Always Wash the Roof

It’s easy to discount the roof of your RV as an area that doesn’t need maintenance since it’s difficult to reach and impossible to see. Never neglect your RV’s roof when you’re performing RV cleaning. You’ll have major leaks on your hands if you don’t take measures to maintain your roof and clean the components up top.

Most RVs use a special membrane coating on the roof to prevent leaks and water damage. You’ll want to find the best cleaning products for that membrane when you wash your RV’s roof. Clean the membrane twice annually to maintain it and prevent unnecessary water damage in your RV.

Metal roofs are a different story since they provide a bit more durability. You can wash a metal RV roof the same way you handle cleaning your RV’s exterior walls. You should also use your RV cleaning time to inspect the roof for any signs of damage.

Empty Your Fridge

Your fridge cannot be overlooked when you’re handling RV cleaning after a long trip. Leftovers and other items could spoil when your RV is no longer hooked up to shore power, resulting in a disgusting mess that no one wants to clean up. Check the fridge when you clean your RV to prevent a bigger mess.

Now You’re the Master of RV Cleaning

Knowing the best cleaning tips is essential if you’re preparing to hit the road with your family and explore the wonderous nature throughout the United States. RV cleaning will help you keep your rig in pristine condition for years, and it starts with reading the owner’s manual and buying a handheld vacuum. It’s also vital to prevent mold growth and keep your RV’s roof clean with the right cleaning products.

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