What Affects Price of Crypto Currencies?

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In August 2022, the popular WhiteBIT crypto exchange released its native crypto – the WhiteBIT token, which has gained increased popularity and adoption among WhiteBIT clients and investors. In this article, we will talk about the history of WBT price and what affects it.

WBT Historical Crypto Prices

Historical crypto prices refer to the prices of cryptocurrencies at different points in the past. These prices are important for analyzing trends and patterns in the cryptocurrency market. There are several websites and platforms that provide historical data on crypto prices. Some of the popular ones include CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and others. These platforms provide charts and graphs that show the price of a cryptocurrency over a specific period, ranging from days to years. Take, for example, the CoinMarketCap service, we can see:

  • The token’s rate was a little over $4 after its release
  • It grew to $6,9 in September 2022
  • Then fell to $3,1
  • In October 2022, the price grew to $11,7
  • hen it increased to $14,52
  • In December the price dropped to $4,2
  • In March 2023, the WBT price fluctuated around $4.8.

How Does Cryptocurrency Price Go Up?

The correlation between supply and demand is paramount to understanding the value of any cryptocurrency. If a currency’s availability remains scarce but its need rises, then so too will its cost; however, if there is an abundance of coins available despite static interest from buyers, prices may be driven downward.

The adoption of a cryptocurrency has a huge impact on its price. When more people adopt the use of a particular crypto for transactions, its value intensifies as an investment in it becomes increasingly attractive. As demand grows, so too does the cost associated with purchasing and holding this digital asset.

Crypto prices can be impacted by news reports as well. When positive events, such as a major corporation adopting a cryptocurrency or government regulations being announced about it, occur and generate strong demand for the token, its price will often surge in response.


Investor sentiment towards a certain cryptocurrency can considerably shift its price. If investors are confident about the digital asset’s future, then it could cause prices to rise; whereas pessimistic views may lead to a drop.

Finally, technological breakthroughs can also drive up the cost of any cryptocurrency. As soon as a certain crypto introduces new features or improves its already existing tech, it tends to draw more investors into the market and this causes an increase in demand for that particular digital currency – ultimately leading to a higher price tag.

All these factors affected the WhiteBIT token price. The asset is now traded on several large crypto exchanges, including Huobi, Gate.io, Gate.io, and others, so feel free to buy it.

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