How to Manage your Crypto Portfolio without a Fund Manager

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To create a sustainable portfolio in the cryptocurrency market, you must develop balance. Digital asset investment is a relatively new concept, but strategies that have been used for years within other markets, such as stock, can be used to make smarter investments.

The overall necessity surrounding crypto is learning. Try to learn crypto and analyze as much as you can about the market. Discover all the fundamentals before jumping in to buy cryptocurrency. When you have built a foundation of knowledge, you can then strive for better portfolio management.


Diversification is essential to any balanced portfolio. It is a good portfolio management strategy. The classic saying “don’t keep your eggs in one basket” is precisely this. If you place all of your capital – eggs – into one currency or asset – basket – if that asset sees a crash and falls in price, all of your capital will be affected by the decrease.

If you have placed investment into two highly volatile crypto assets with no distinct correlation, they can smooth each other out to offer the user the best possible risk-adjusted returns. The bad thing about the crypto market is that many coins are correlated to each other, making diversification a little tricky within the market. Don’t let this put you off, though; with some research, it is possible to find these unrelated cryptos.

Keep a Rational Mind

The crypto market is well-known as being a volatile place, with prices regularly rising or falling. The early technology surrounding blockchain, which is fuelled by cryptocurrency, is a reasonably new technology adding lots of excitement to the market. This being said, it is important to keep your emotions away from the hype that the flavor of the month could potentially cause in the market. Hype doesn’t always correlate to good investments.

Portfolio management is unsuccessful by many investors who develop FOMO through the market. FOMO is the fear of missing out, which usually results in buying at a higher price if you’re late to the party. Anxiety will set in if you’re late with certain assets if it begins to drop as soon as you have entered the market.

If you want to be a successful crypto trader, you need to keep your decisions as rational as possible. Using balance will always give you opportunities to make good investments and grow your portfolio. Technical analysis is a great way to remove emotions and adopt a more strategic way to invest. If you stick to the plan in place, your investments will be much more calculated.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

The majority of new investors don’t have a large sum of expendable money that they can transfer into a crypto portfolio. Due to this, a common way for people to help grow their portfolio is by making regular small investments from their salary or monthly cash flow, no matter the changes in crypto price. Combining both up and down markets, the dollar-cost strategy is one of the most effective ways to build your portfolio.

The dollar-cost average is a great strategy; it acts as an automatic system, similar to a subscription-based service. Regardless of the currency’s price, regular purchases are made, which removes the need for market analysis. If you find that the price increases, you have the opportunity to add more shares into a stronger bullish market. If you find that the price decreases, your share intake will be even higher as your fiat price of purchase remains at a fixed point.

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Develop an Exit Strategy

To have a good plan, you need to have a good exit strategy in place. If you want to feel good, having a strategic plan regarding the exit process can help you feel just as amazing as it does when an investment rises when you own assets. If the market collapses when you have exited, it will hopefully bounce back, allowing you to repeat the process and invest again.

It is important to know that, eventually, every trend will end, and although some trends can last longer than initially anticipated, the change will ultimately come when oversaturation has begun. Good traders will know what their exit plan is going to be before they enter into a trade. Having this plan in place will give clarity into what price they want to reach before exiting. This price could rise even further, but it is vital to stick to your plan as it could also do the complete opposite.

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