Five Promotional Items To Help Increase Interaction With Your Brand

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Branding. Promotions. Getting the word out. Generating leads. Engagement. Whatever you want to call it, capturing the attention of your target audience—while simultaneously delighting them and converting them into lifelong clients—is a critical element of consistent success.

Marketing is a major focus for any business, from a fresh startup all the way to an established organization. For smaller businesses, focusing on strategic marketing should be a top priority. Good, effective marketing doesn’t annoy your potential customers. Moreover, it’s a means to get the word out about your business, what you do, and why customers should choose you over the competition.

A remarkably simple, yet effective, method is to use promotional items that Get their attention with your logo. Whether you’re selling them, giving them away, or offering them as incentives for purchases, logo items can significantly boost your marketing strategy. Here are five excellent items to use for this purpose.


Although a great deal of what we do today is on smartphones and computers, one cannot deny the simplicity and agency of the humble notebook. Notebooks, planners, and stationery make great gifts or promotional sale items. Everybody needs to write down a note for a grocery list once in a while, right? Or how about planning their schedule out ahead of time? Emblazoning your logo on the notebook is a good way to surreptitiously promote your brand, too. Notebooks last a long time. They can be carried around and used whenever. Every time somebody uses your notebook around other people, they’ll see your logo and become aware of your business. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

man hand holding credit card and write on notebook


What would most of us be like without our morning coffee? Probably not very friendly! Coffee is a stimulant that wakes you up and keeps you going for a while in the morning. Moreover, it’s a delicious beverage worth drinking in the morning. Coffee and tea are both popular drinks and always benefit from having a durable mug. Giving away a mug gives your customer something they’ll likely use everyday while also providing ample room for a little bit of breakfast table promotion thanks to your custom message/logo that’s on the mug itself.

Totes and Shopping Bags

Sure, keychains and bottle openers are great, but sometimes customers want something a bit more pragmatic. A reusable shopping bag (adorned with your custom logo or message, of course) is a good way to show you care about both their business and the environment. Reusable shopping bags aren’t just a boon to the environment, they’re a way for you to save money and carry things around without needing to buy luggage. Better, they offer extensive durability, ultimately making them a type of gift that keeps on giving long after the customer leaves the store.


Pens are a very popular giveaway item. People love to get pens from local businesses. Handing out pens is the beginning of building a relationship with customers. Giving them something that they can use regularly demonstrates to them that your business can provide for their needs. Additionally, giveaways can also build trust and foster good relationships between the customer and the organization. That such a small, inexpensive gift can accomplish great things is just a side benefit. There are a few cool options to offer customers:

  • Gel pens
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Stylus pens
  • Fine tip pens
  • Lantern pens (built-in mini flashlight)
  • Engraved pens with your custom logo

It’s easy to get hundreds of pens at a bulk rate. Then, you can distribute them as giveaways, complimentary items, or a gift with each sale. When it comes to custom logo items, nothing beats pens in terms of affordability, goodwill, building trust, and giving customers a nice memento for them to enjoy.


Calendars are right up there with notebooks in terms of usefulness. Everyone can benefit from one, they can easily be customized, and they just plain look good. Calendars can help with accountability, scheduling, and more. They also can feature interesting imagery or artwork that balances out the room’s interior look. Calendars are an effective tool for a promotion that should not be overlooked when planning your giveaways.

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