How long do Timing Belts Really Last?

long do Timing Belts

The timing belt is an important component of the car’s engine, negligence may result in serious consequences, a most likely major accident so it is important to know how long your timing belt last as it is the one responsible for joining the engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft, and does most of the work to keep the engine running. So it is important to care for the timing belt which most people don’t do, they consider it as a useless chain, they don’t keep track of timing belts for years and then, they suddenly end up with a seized engine.

That’s why it is suggested to care for your car’s timing belt and make regular mechanic visits to keep the belt maintained. However, even if you have cared for your timing belt and kept maintaining it for years, there is still a possible chance that your timing belt might run out of order. And it isn’t your fault, it is just that your timing belt has completed a lifetime.

So if your timing belt has stopped working despite the fact that you’ve been taking care of it, then you should opt for its replacement. And if your timing belt is still running well, then you must know for how long it will keep working so that you don’t have to face the sudden surprise of its death.

How Long do Belts Last?

Though there is no fixed ratio of the timing belt’s life expectancy, still there is an estimated idea of its life. Typically, a regular timing belt lasts for 50,000 to 100,000 miles which roughly makes 7 to 10 years. However, timing belts belonging to different manufacturers like Toyota or Subaru, have a slight change in the duration of their chain’s life. You can read about the recommended mileage here.

Though it is equal to the estimated duration, there is only an increase or decrease of just a few mileage. So if you want to know the lifespan of a specific manufacturer’s timing belt, then you should look for the manufacturer’s manual that comes along with your car.

But if you’ve lost the manual, don’t worry it is still available on the internet. Just search for the relevant manufacturer’s manual and see what life expectancy the manufacturer has fixed for the timing belt.

Factors Decreasing the Life of Timing Belts

Now, if you have properly cared for your timing belt, then will for sure last for almost 7 years. However, there are certain factors that play an important role in decreasing the life expectancy of the car’s timing belt. These factors include:

Volvo Car
  • Rust and Corrosion: if you haven’t oiled your belt for a while it may get rust on it. Rust causes a problem in the working of the timing belt by producing friction between the pulleys and the belt. As a result of this friction, the belt and pullet exert more pressure to work properly which ultimately leads to the breakage of the belt.
  • Too Much Heat: the timing belt is usually made of a rubber-like material. So if the engine begins to produce a large amount of heat due to any reason, the heat will cause the rubber to melt slowly and thus the belt will decrease its life.

Bottom Line

I hope that this article has provided you with the information that you were looking for. Now, when you’ve come to know the life duration of the timing belt along with the factors that decrease its life, you should be more careful with its maintenance and must explore ways to increase its life expectancy.

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