How To Colour Your Room with Designer Radiators

Color Your Room Warming hand from radiator

Designer radiators have come a long way in recent years, with a vast range of shapes, sizes, styles and colours available. Knowing how to add that extra bit of style to your home with a designer heating appliance, such as vertical radiators from Stelrad, can allow you to enhance your home décor instantaneously. Follow this guide and see how you can colour your room with designer radiators today.

Things to Consider

There are many elements worthy of consideration when it comes to adding a coloured radiator to your home. The first thing that you should bear in mind is the current colour of the walls in your room. The colour of the paint in your room will act as a canvas for other features and pieces of furniture to sit upon, so ensuring you have the right colour scheme to start is the first step to enhancing your room with c coloured designer radiator.

Furniture will also play an important part in your interior design decisions, so making sure that you have furniture in the style, size and position that complements other elements of the room is essential. The same is true with your flooring. Do you have carpets? Laminate floor? Tiles? Whatever your flooring Is made of, ensuring that the style and colour compliments the other elements of the room will help you create a room that is well thought out and helps to emphasise the attractiveness of every aspect on the whole.

Lastly, ensuring you have the correct lighting that allows you to see all of these aspects is also important. Whether you choose lamps, downlights, or ever floored lighting, choosing the correct source of lighting that will keep your new aesthetic lit is an important part of the process.

Warming hand from radiator

Adding the Coloured Designer Radiator

Boring, bland, plain coloured radiators are a thing of the past. Rather than choosing a radiator that merely acts as a functional heating appliance will certainly take away from the fun of designing your new room. Just as you wouldn’t want a cold yet aesthetically pleasing room, nor would you want a heated room that is visually unappealing.

Radiators have come a long way, and with designer radiators, you can have a heating appliance that also acts as a fashion statement within your home interior. The choice of colour is really up to you, and you are absolutely spoiled for choice in this day and age. Whether it’s a traditional designer radiator that suits your home interior or a modern, almost futuristic look, you can choose a radiator in any colour you wish, complementing and enhancing your home aesthetic in an instant.

You are able to purchase radiators in the highly popular anthracite grey, giving your room a subtle, intriguing look, or bright colours such as green, yellow, or pink, it all comes down to your own individuality. Let your creativity flow with the many attractive radiator options available, and you can begin designing the room of your dreams. 

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