Kay Flock’s Net Worth

Kay Flock

Kay Flock is an American rapper best known for his single “Not in The Mood.” He is also famous for his drill music. He was born on April 20, 2003, in The Bronx, New York City, United States. His birth name is Keven Perez, but he is professionally known by his stage name ‘Kay Flock.’ His famous song ‘Brotherly Love’ received 8 million views on YouTube and 3 million views on Spotify. Flock’s debut mixtape, “The D.O.A. Tape,” was released in 2021. He has been a part of this music industry since 2020. Kay Flock’s net worth is around $1 million as of 2022.

Kay Flock Early Life

Kevin Perez was born on April 20, 2003, in The Bronx, New York City, United States. Kay Flock was raised as a Catholic Christian. His family is of Dominican and Puerto Rican origin. According to him, it was dangerous to grow up there. That’s why his family moved to New York and lived on 187th St in the Belmont section of the Bronx. Bronx rapper ‘DThang Gz’ is his paternal cousin. Kay Flock created an alliance called D.O.A. “Dumpin On Anything” in 2021. He created this alliance with the help of Sticky B and Dougie B. This alliance is also known as “Dead On Arrival” and includes Mac Baller Brims (Ballas), Bloods (excluding Mac Baller Brims), renegade OYOGz (Original Younginz and Original Goonz), and some crips.

Kay Flock Career

Kay Flock started his music career in 2020. His first released singles include “Opp Spotter” featuring B-Lovee, “P.S.A.,” and “Brotherly Love” featuring B-Lovee and Dougie B. Kay Flock released his song ‘Is Ya Ready’ in August 2021. Jon Caramanica’s journal published his song in the list of top 28 songs of 2021.

Furthermore, Lil Tjay featured Kay Flock in his song’ Not in The Mood’ in October 2021. This song ranked no.61 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On November 5, 2021, Kay Flock released his debut mixtape called ‘The D.O.A. Tape’ under Capitol Records. It ranked no.1 on the chart of Heatseekers Albums. Later he released another song ‘Being Honest’ known as “reminiscent of G Herbo.” It was listed within Pitchfork’s top 38 rap songs of 2021 and top 100 songs of 2021. It also ranked no.24 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. In the same month, this song’s remix was released, featuring G Herbo. Later, Kay Flock received the title ‘Billboard’s Hip Hop Rookie of the Month.’

In an interview with XXL, Kay Flock said that critics compared his rapping style with King Von and Pop Smoke. An American rapper, Asian Doll, stated that maybe Von is a fan of Kay Flock. On December 23, 2021, Kay Flock was arrested on murder charges of 24-year-old Oscar Hernandez in Harlem, New York. The New York Police Department stated that he walked past the crime scene, a barber shop, on December 16, 2021. He turned himself in to the NYPD and is currently charged with first-degree murder. He is imprisoned in Rikers Island.

 Kay Flock released his song ‘Shake It’ with Cardi B and Dougie B featuring Bory300 in April 2022. His song ranked no.51 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Kay Flock’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Kay Flock has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He is a popular public figure, so it is predicted that he might have a raise in his net worth.

 Let’s look at Kay Flock’s last five years’ net worth record.

Net Worth in 2022$1 Million
Net Worth in 2021$ 500K
Net Worth in 2020$ 450K
Net Worth in 2019$300K
Net Worth in 2019$250K

Kay Flock Annual Income

Kay Flock makes an annual salary of around $100k approximately.

Kay Flock Monthly Income

Kay Flock earns around $50k monthly.

Kay Flock Income Source

Kay Flock earned most of his fortune from his rapping career. He also makes money from his YouTube channel. Flock has around 200k subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the most famous social media personalities and earns from his social media accounts like YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify. Apart from rapping and social media accounts, Flock’s brand endorsement deals and sponsorships also add to his total income.


Kay Flock is an American rapper best known for his single “Not in The Mood.” He was born on April 20, 2003, in The Bronx, N.Y.C., U.S. Flock is also a Youtuber with 200k subscribers. He started his music career in 2020. Kay Flock net worth is $1 million, with an annual income of around $100k and a monthly income of almost $50k. He has earned most of his wealth from his rapping career. His YouTube channel, music sponsorships, and brand endorsement deal add to his wealth. Kay Flock was arrested on murder charges and is currently imprisoned in Rikers Island.

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