Michelle Yeoh’s Net Worth

Michelle Yeoh’s

Michelle Yeoh is one of the most beautiful faces of Malaysia and among the highest-paying Asian actresses. The acting queen made her debut in 1983 and immediately became the favorite among the viewers. She gained popularity after her appearance in the top-charting movie Tomorrow Never Dies, a James Bond film. Michelle Yeoh’s net worth is $45 million in 2022. She has made her worth through her utmost dedication and outstanding performance.

Let us tell you more about Michelle Yeoh’s early life, career, net worth, and everything else you want to know.

Michelle Yeoh Early Life

Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng, better known as Michelle Yeoh, was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, on August 6, 1962, to Chinese parents of Cantonese and Hokkien ancestry. Her parents, Yeoh Kian-teik and Janet, were MCA politicians and lawyers. Her father, Yeoh Kian-teik set the popular Sri Maju express bus service; he passed away on November 5, 2014.

Michelle got her secondary education at all-female Ipoh Main Convent Ipoh and later joined her parents in the United Kingdom to attend boarding school. Her interest in ballet made her pursue ballet professionally at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England.

However, Michelle strained her foot and could not continue ballet. Instead, she moved to other forms of dancing and turned her way to acting and drama. She received her degree in Creative Arts with a specialization in drama.

Michelle Yeoh Relationships

Michelle Yeoh and Hong Kong billionaire Dickson Poon married in 1988; they sought a divorce in 1991. A few years down the lane, American cardiologist Alan Heldman proposed to Yeoh in 1998. Yet, it did not work between them.

Michelle Yeoh started dating her boyfriend Jean Todt in 2004 when they met in Shanghai. She announced this new beginning on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2008. Jean Todt is the former CEO and General Manager of Scuderia Ferrari and the current president of the International Automobile Federation.

Michelle Yeoh Career

Michelle Yeoh is known as the Bond Girl because of her appearance in the James Bond film. However, her fame is not only confined to James bond.

She started her career with a commercial starring Jackie Chan after winning Miss Malaysia in 1983. Michelle was welcomed by the industry wholeheartedly as a result of her talent. She has given numerous successful movies like Hidden Dragons, Reign of Assassins, The Lady, Crouching Tigers, Memoirs of Geisha, etc. She also did a voiceover for Kung Fu Panda 2. Viewers also saw Michelle in the cast of Shang Chi’s The Legend of Ten Rings.

Michelle Yeoh was also recently featured in the internationally acclaimed show “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Star Trek: Discovery.” She is equally well known for her Mandarin and Cantonese movies, besides her work in English films. She starred in popular movies in the Hong Kong Film Industry, such as Madam!, Yes, and Supercop, making her one of the most demanded female action stars in the business.

The film industry has celebrated his versatile actress numerous times by showing their appreciation through awards. Michelle Yeoh has received the Asian Media Awards, The Asian Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinema, and Outstanding Contribution to Asian Cinema.

Michelle Yeoh’s Net Worth

Michelle Yeoh’s net worth is $45 million as of 2022.

Michelle Yeoh 5 Year Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2022$45 million
2021$41 million
2020$38 million
2019$35 million
2018$32 million

Michelle Yeoh Assets

Michelle lives in her Geneva, Switzerland, house right now. Though she also has a massive paradise resort in Malaysia.

Besides her interest in the property, Michelle also seems quite interested in cars. Her collection comprises Ferrari, Maserati Levante, and a few other expensive cars.

Michelle Yeoh Quotes

“This world belongs to all of us, and all sexes should be able to live in respect and harmony.” – Michelle Yeoh

“It’s very important for us all to understand that we are interconnected and we need to hold hands together, especially when the going gets tough.” – Michelle Yeoh

“As an actor, you hope to find roles that are challenging to you as an artist. Then if you are truly blessed, you will find that it also carries a message that you can impart to your audience.” – Michelle Yeoh

“When you face up to bad things in the past, the most important thing is not to allow them to happen today or in the future, and as storytellers, we must play our part in that.” – Michelle Yeoh

The Bottom Line

Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng, commonly known as Michelle Yeoh is a beautiful, versatile actress with work in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. She was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, on August 6, 1962. She made her debut in 1983 and starred in various movies, including Hidden Dragons, Reign of Assassins, The Lady, Crouching Tigers, and Memoirs of Geisha, besides her voiceover in Kung Fu Panda 2. While some people remember her as the Bond Girl from the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Comes, others know her from the worldwide famed Crazy Rich Asians. Michelle Yeoh’s net worth is $45 million in 2022.


Who is Michelle Yeoh’s husband?

Michelle Yeoh was married to Dickson Poon from 1988 to 1991. Dickson is a Hong Kong businessman in the luxury goods retailing sector. He is the executive chairman of his Hong Kong-based Dickson Concepts (DCIL).

Can Michelle Yeoh speak Chinese?

Michelle is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. However, she cannot speak Chinese.

How old is Michelle Yeoh?

Michelle Yeoh turns 60 years old in 2022.

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