Patrick Beverley’s Net Worth


Patrick Beverley is a popular American professional basketball player born in Chicago in July 1988. Patrick played for his college in Arkansas before going to Greece, Ukraine, and Russia. He became a part of the Houston Rockets in January of 2013. Patrick is a fairly private person and does not discuss his life on social media. While he is famous for his toughness on the team, he has also been involved in several on-court events.

Read further to know everything about Patrick Beverley. But first, let us tell you about his total wealth.

Patrick Beverley’s net worth is $13 million as of 2022.

Patrick Beverley Early Life

Patrick Beverley was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 12, 1988. He was born to 18-year-old Lisa when Patrick’s father abandoned her before his birth. Many people do not know that Patrick took his mother’s last name Beverley instead of his father’s. While his father visited them sometimes, Patrick grew close to his mother’s family. He turns 33 years old in 2022.

Patrick Beverley Relationships

Patrick is not very vocal about his personal life and has not revealed any relationships, engagement, or marriage. However, pictures with his girlfriend often circulate, which the followers do not know much about. He is a father to four children – two daughters and two sons.

Patrick Beverley is said to be dating Mandana Balourchi. She belongs to Iraq and is considered one of the most followed fashion influencers globally. Mandana grew up in different parts of the world, including Dubai, Europe, Los Angeles, etc.

Patrick Beverley Career

Patrick Beverley started playing football in high school and wished to pursue it as a career. He was a point guard at the John Marshall Metropolitan High School and Waubonsie Valley High School. Patrick led the state with 37.3 points per game and received the “co-player of the year.” He played for Arkansas Razorbacks for two years during college before entering the NBA draft.

Patrick began his career by joining the Ukrainian club, BC Dnipro, in 2008 at the age of 19. He was the 42nd overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he played in Russia, Ukraine, and Greece for three years before returning to play for the NBA in 2013. Patrick signed a four-year contract with the Houston Rockets in 2015 worth $23 million.

He was on the All-Defensive First Team as only the fourth player in franchise history in 2016/17 and joined the Los Angeles Clippers the same year.

Patrick later signed a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves in February 2022. The agreement assures a base salary of $13,000,000 and the same amount guaranteed.

Patrick Beverley has made around $51 million from his NBA earnings so far.

Patrick Beverley’s Net Worth

Patrick Beverley’s net worth is $13 million as of 2022.

Awards & Achievements

  • SEC Freshman of the Year (2007)
  • SEC All-Freshman Team (2007)
  • UBL Slam Dunk contest champion (2009)
  • Greek Cup Winner (2010)
  • Russian League All-Star (2011)
  • Russian Cup Winner (2011)
  • Russian League Defensive Player of the Year (2011)
  • Russian League Guard of the Year (2011)
  • EuroCup MVP (2012)
  • NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2014, 2020)
  • NBA Hustle Award (2017)
  • NBA All-Defensive First Team (2017)

Patrick Beverley On-court Incidents

Patrick has been involved in various events and incidents on-court, with the recent match with Los Angeles Clippers on April 13, 2022. Patrick shouted “Take their ass home” at the LA Clippers players, costing him $30k as punishment.

However, he got an endorsement deal offer from the beer company Bud Light after he was spotted drinking the same beer during the press conference.

Viewers could not interpret if it was a good day for him or a bad one considering the endorsement offer following the punishment.

Brand Endorsements

Patrick Beverley has been associated with Adidas for years. He is not tied up with any other brand except the globally acclaimed athletic wear brand.

Patrick Beverley Assets

Patrick bought an expensive, fancy property in Minnesota in 2017. He also purchased another house in 2020 for his mother, which stole the limelight. Yet, he has not disclosed many details about the properties due to his private nature.

His Kia Stinger is the talk of the town and he does not hesitate to show off on social media. And we must admit that he has quite an impressive taste in vehicles.

Patrick Beverley Quotes

“Things are not going to be easy, things are not going to be fair. Just do your best.” – Patrick

“When things get hard you’ve got to run with it, and when things get good you run with it.” – Patrick Beverley

“Sometimes you don’t get in through the front door. Sometimes you don’t get in through the back. Sometimes you got to climb through the window. That doesn’t mean the opportunity wasn’t there. There’s a way; you’ve just got to find it.” – Patrick Beverley

“You don’t ever salute losing – ever.” – Patrick Beverley

The Bottom Line

Patrick Beverley is a well-known basketball player with a net worth of $13 million. He was born on July 12, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois, to 18-year-old Lisa, who raised Patrick as a single mother. Patrick started playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks in college. He also went to Russia, Ukraine, and Greece before joining the Houston Rockets in 2013. Patrick has won several titles, including SEC Freshman of the Year, Euro Cup MVP, Russia League All-Star, and NBA All-Defensive First Team.

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