Must-Have Bike Accessories and Parts for Better Cycling Experience

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There is beauty in silence, silence in beauty, and you can find both on a bike. Besides decreasing stress levels, cycling improves joint mobility, reduces body fat levels, strengthens bones, and other benefits. However, you must be aware of risks, such as accidents and dehydration, which come with this activity. So, what’s the solution? You should buy some must-have accessories and parts when purchasing your bike for a better experience. Here are some of them.

Clothing and Shoes

First and foremost, you need the proper cycling clothing to enable faster movement without wasting energy as you cycle. These clothing include bib shorts or skorts, warmers, jackets, and gloves. It would be best to buy shorts with chamois made of either single-piece foam or multilayered anti-bacterial, anti-chafing, for safety and comfort.

Cycling shoes that work with clipless pedals are also essential to spend more time and distance cycling. You can also get a good pair of synthetic fiber socks to prevent sweat from accumulating in the shoes. You can get the best quality of these apparel from stores such as BikeChain. Buying from such a store guarantees you the outfit that will offer comfort and safety as you cycle.


At times, you will fall, and experience can only reduce the frequency and impact. So, to minimize the danger of head and facial injuries, it would be best to get a helmet when buying your bicycle.

However, note that you need a good-fitting helmet for this purpose. The helmet shouldn’t tilt back for better forehead protection. You will have to measure your head’s circumference, two fingers width above your eyebrows. These measurements will help you if you are ordering your helmet online. But if not, you can pop into a store and try the helmets to find a fitting on.

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Water Bottle and Holding Cage

On average, an adult weighing 155 to 160 should take around 0.45 liters of water or fluid per hour of cycling. This volume depends on the day’s temperature and the amount of sweat you will lose. This need calls for having a water bottle ready with you as you cycle. It would be best to buy it and a cage to take it with you when cycling to avoid unnecessary stops to get water and avert dehydration. Note that you can also take electrolyte-rich drinks instead of water.

Rearview Mirror and Lights

If you are cycling in heavy traffic, you need a rearview mirror for safety purposes. The mirror will assist you in judging traffic behind to help you when slowing, changing lanes, or overtaking. Besides the mirror, it would be best also to have lights. These include headlights and LED backlights. The headlight will assist you in poor visibility, with the rear one providing visibility for traffic approaching you from behind. Having these items will immensely improve your safety and other road users.

Owning a bicycle is fun and gives you a way to exercise as you enjoy. However, for safety and a better cycling experience, it would be best to get the items in this article. But note that you need durable and high-quality ones to serve you better. To get those, you should only buy from stores such as BikeChain. Such stores stock genuine products and have reviews and ratings to guide you as you shop.

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