Functional Programming Languages Worth Studying in 2022

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The changes in technological trends are dynamic. As such, development in software programs resulted in the “Functional Programming” trend.

Simply put, functional programming can be understood as a programming pattern to resolve a specific problem in the aspects of computer science. It includes code patterned to produce pure functions on a more in-depth level. These pure functions do not interact with external elements. You will get the output the same as the input.

Functional programming languages are an excellent coding technique for machine learning and data analysis. Developers love functional programming because it has better benefits such as parallel programming, code readability, shorter code, increased maintainability, modular, and easy debugging. If you are interested in studying popular functional programming languages, here they are.


Haskell is an older programming language than java. Haskell is often identified as the base of all functional programming languages. It serves a general purpose in the programming language prospects with its statistically typed pure functions. Since Haskell’s pure functions have no side effects, it is chiefly applied in industrial, research, and academic applications. Haskell usually offers list comprehension, pattern matching, lazy evaluation, type polymorphism, type classes, and lambda expressions.

If you want to study Haskell programming language, you can see its special applications in well-known systems like Lispire, Target, Cryptol, Pugs, Cardano Blockchain platform, Agda, etc.


Elixir is another popular functional programming language in the world of programming language. Its general-purpose, concurrent programming language operates on the BEAM virtual machine.

Developers love Elixir due to its fault-tolerant, low-latency, and distributed applications. Many high-end companies like Discord, Pinterest, Inverse, PagerDuty, etc., applies Elixir to function in their large-scale apps and sites because of its high concurrency.

Elixir is primarily used in finance, eCommerce, and telecommunication industries as a pragmatic programming language.


If you want to create a web browser-based graphical user interface (GUIs), it will help to learn about some domain-specific functional programming languages such as Elm.

It is a merely functional programming language that offers quality performance, usability, robustness, and simplicity. You can apply Elm to operate along with Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Noteworthy features of Elm include excellent performance, static typing, easy refactoring, module system, no runtime exceptions, and friendly error messages.

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Elm as a functional programming language is chiefly applied in front-end web development. Well-known companies that use Elm are Emirates, EXR, Watermark, Actcast, Microsoft, Day One, and Basiq, to name a few.


One of the many purely functional programming languages globally is Idris. Noteworthy attributes of Idris include lazy evaluation, totality checker, and dependent types. Besides these, many of Idris’s features are similar to mainstream functional programming. A distinct part of Idris is its type-driven development that enables the developer to create programs using types of tools. It helps improve the program’s accuracy and performance. Since the codes based on Idris are easy to experiment with and maintain, you can use Idris to support domain-specific embedded languages.


Do you want to know what code is applied to function WhatsApp? The answer is Erlang. Erlang is a functional programming language, with concurrent, and general-purpose coding. Its garbage-collected runtime system is what makes it a valuable code for WhatsApp. Due to the helpful features of Erlang, such as fault tolerance, distribution, and concurrency, it is mainly used for creating real-time, concurrent, and distributed systems applicable for database applications, telecommunications, servers, etc.

Widely popular companies like Facebook, Bluetab Solutions, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, RAD, Gambit Research, Netkit Solutions, BT Mobile, and many other vastly scalable systems use Erlang.


If you want options to study functional programming languages, the above five options are worth it. Purely functional programming languages enable the developer to resolve complex issues most efficiently.

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