Are Tom and Jerry Best Friends?

Best Friend Tom and Jerry

The age-old question of “Are Tom and Jerry best friends?” may have us convinced that we know the answer, yet there are a few cases that prove us wrong. To find out if Tom and Jerry are best friends, you must first answer the question.

Yes! They do. You’d think so; given how frequently we see them chasing each other around. However, contrary to common assumptions, Tom and Jerry are inseparable. But even though they’re constantly fighting, they’re great buddies.

The subject first arose as a meme asking if Tom and Jerry were best friends on the web. People were quick to take sides based on their interpretations of the meme, which sparked a surge of debate throughout the internet. Tom and Jerry are best friends because of the arguments they’ve had in these disputes. Find out if Tom and Jerry are best friends in the following paragraphs.

Internet Thread

It’s understandable that you’d want to know why Tom and Jerry are friends now that you’ve learned this new information. Reddit was the birthplace of this Internet discussion. Many people expressed their ideas and opinions on the subject at hand. Still, the user JustShowerThoughts had provided an explanation that aligned every move of our favorite cartoon characters for more than a century.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are known to be inseparable. To prevent Tom’s owner from replacing him with another cat genuinely interested in killing Jerry, Tom must seem to despise him for protecting Jerry. That explains Tom’s continuous attempts to save Jerry by doing the same over that entire time period.

Several instances when this notion was shown to be correct were quickly suggested by fans who agreed with the solution. When no one is watching, Tom and Jerry are often seen relaxing in their various locations and only getting into conflicts when someone steps in front of the camera.

Someone said that an episode did air in which Tom is replaced with a different feline character. This episode strengthens the hypothesis that the other is out to get Jerry. However, Tom and Jerry work together to get the mechanical cat out of the house, allowing Tom to return to the family home. Tom thanks Jerry at the show’s end, and the two pals exchange a smile before returning to their typical antics, including tantrums and chases.

As a result, the Reddit topic has received several comments from admirers who have suggested that the two may have been best friends all along.

A Little Background

We know that Tom and Jerry have been friends for a long time, but why do they act as though they hate each other? The cartoon’s darkest and saddest episode, which isn’t even its final one, is often regarded as the best of the bunch. On November 16, 1956, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released “Blue Cats Blue.” To avoid spoilers, if you haven’t watched the short, Tom and Jerry are depicted as best buddies in the beginning. There’s little doubt about it: Tom and Jerry were close pals right up until the very end.

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