How Old is Naruto in Boruto?


Growing up alongside the TV screens with characters like Naruto, Sasuke, and others had made everyone attached to them. The series has a specific part in the life of the viewers as any other thing in the world. Seeing him making the way to his older life has been the most glorious feeling for anyone like me. It must be the same for everyone else, like you. Is it?

With the release of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations recently, it has been immensely overwhelming for us to see the younger generations of our favorite characters. It pleases us to see how they follow the pathways of their elders and try to become great warriors like them. The story baseline is how hope should never disappear from your life. No matter how hard the surroundings make you feel, one shall take care of themselves with a great deal of patience, love, and sacrifice for others.

The A – Z Life Go-Through Of Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is an anime character of Japanese manga series, written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, along with an illustrator named Mikio Ikemoto. It started earlier in 2017. Naruto is an orphan in the Hidden Leaf village who wanted to become Hokage so he could press down his feelings of self-pity and dishonor.

He seems to be not wanted by the community, which fills him with rage that turns into his passion of becoming the Head Ninja of the village by graduating from Ninja Academy. Naruto started from scratch, built his way of life. He was not privileged with royalties in life, yet it did not make his heart stone but softer for the world. Naruto spreads the message of harmony, self-belief, endurance, adoration and companionship.

Naruto is a mischievous character in the series in the beginning, but the village dislikes him due to the secret attached to his birth. An evil spirit was sealed with Naruto when he was a child, and someone will occur to offer him help with his past later in the series.

However, he enters the Ninja Academy and takes his first steps as a ninja successfully. Naruto decided to forgive all of the people from his village from heart despite all the challenges in his life, and the poor behavior of his community.

How Old Was Naruto When He Had Boruto?

Naruto was introduced at the age of twelve and ended at the age of seventeen at the end of the second series. He was married to Hinata at the age of nineteen. His son Boruto was born after a year or a half. If we precisely say it would be their late teens or early twenties.

Naruto Age in Boruto Movie

If the Boruto age is stated to be twelve years old in the Borutoseries, Naruto Next Generations, then Naruto must be of thirty-two years or thirty-three years old in it. Quite a young age to be a handsome father, no? I think he doesn’t deserve to be treated like an old, long-suffering man.

A Glimpse on Boruto’s Life in Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of the famous character Naruto Uzumaki. He was destined to win as he was considered to be following the paths of his father. Just like his father invented his unique ways of training as a ninja and became a Hokage, inspiring others around, it also overshadowed Boruto’s life causing him to distance himself from his desires. He was the direct descendant of the Hyuga clan through his mother, Hinata. 

The relationship between Boruto and his father was bitter at the start. It was due to Naruto’s lack of attention towards his child. He is the complete opposite of his father. He liked to take shortcuts and wanted to make his way around things. He used cheat programs to win games and used Kote for creating disguises of advanced technology as well. 

He thought highly of himself, and he did not believe in teamwork. He believed that he could do anything on his own. His childhood was different from his father. He had friends and family who boasted about him and stood behind his back all the time.

He appeared to be different from his father. In between all this, he developed a sense of hard work and letting go of cheating. He transformed into a better person who resided in his natural skill set and earned the reward afterward.


The story started with Naruto, who earned from his hard work and created a life for himself and his future generations. His responsibilities made his son believe that he is deprived of his fatherly affection, which intrigues him to find out about his father’s past to learn about his behavior.

After knowing how hard his father made an effort. He understood his duties and changed himself for the better. They came on common grounds with each other pursuing a healthy relationship and achieving their goals together.

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