The Advantages of Using a Box Truck in your Business

Box Truck in your Business

A box truck or a cube van is a smaller and more efficient storage unit that you can use for your business. It consists of a cabin area and a storage space.

A box truck can be used for several purposes ranging from delivering goods and services to carrying workplace equipment to job sites. If you’ve been thinking of getting a full-sized cargo truck for yourself, think again. Because box trucks might be far more useful and advantageous. Wondering how? Read on to find out some benefits of box trucks below. And if you’re looking for one for your business, hire a trucking company right away!

It can be Used for Advertising

One of the advantages of using a box truck is that you do not have to rent a trailer for marketing. Hence, you can customise your box truck as a free advertising tool. It is much more effective than billboards.

Also, you can use it to promote your business as the details about your business would be on a larger surface area as compared to the decals on the doors of a pickup truck. This means your ad would be more visible and attractive.

More Economical

A box truck proves to be more economical in more than one way. A smaller box cargo truck will have better fuel economy than a full size pickup truck as it cuts down the extra weight of the trailer.

Another way renting a box truck helps you save money is by cutting down the rent amount. You do not have to pay extra for a trailer in the case of a larger truck. So if money is at all a constraint or you’re looking to get things done economically, choosing a box truck is the best idea.

Moving Boxes with Truck

Easy to Maneuver and Load

A box truck is smaller in height and length. And this compact size is extremely advantageous. Due to a lower storage unit, it is easy to load and unload unlike in the case of a trailer. Also, most box trucks come with the option of fitting ramps for loading and unloading cargo. This again makes it easy for you to ship your materials. The ramps can be typical pull-out ramps, which would require you to manually open them. In some box trucks, you can even get a hydraulic lift.

A hydraulic lift is made from Chromoly steel. Though often quite expensive, it makes it extremely easy to load and unload your cargo and is intensely durable that can lift even cars.

It isn’t just ease of loading/unloading that makes box trucks’ small size special. Because of their compact size, box trucks are far easier to maneuver. This means they can move on crowded highways with ease and without causing other people discomfort.

It can be Used Creatively

A box truck can be used creatively to your benefit. Many have turned their box trucks into a portable business without ever having to rent or buy a place. You can turn it into a nice food truck. You can even make it a movable pop-up fashion store. Other than that, you can also use it as a portable digital services shop. The biggest benefit with this is that you can change the locations according to the demand. You’re literally serving the whole city, and sometimes even multiple cities. It can also at the same time be used to deliver the objects you sell.

Other than being used for a business, a box truck can be used alternatively as a simple storage space when not in use.


These were the top four advantages of a box truck that make them the perfect choice for most people. But remember, selection of the type of storage unit would entirely depend on the type of your business and the size of goods you deal with. So analyse your needs before getting any kind of truck. Share your own storage preferences in the comments below!

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