Timepiece Collection: 8 Reasons Why you Should have the Emporio Armani Smartwatch

Emporio Armani Smartwatch

Armani is the brand that offers to impress by giving off the best impression on anyone who wears him.

There are reasons why Armani stands the test of time and continues to be on top of its competitors. The blend of class and technology to a luxury timepiece that is worth every credit card limit.

The launch of smartwatches did not leave Emporio Armani in the dust. Eventually, the brand created its modern take on this technological advancement. Just like any other watch collection from the brand, the design and features are all Armani. A classy and sophisticated value from Emporio Armani watches women and men is priceless.

1. History and Background

Known for luxurious items and very popular in the fashion industry, Emporio Armani has been in the top listed brands for years. The brand introduces high-quality products and accessories, especially watches.

Emporio Armani is a sub-label of Giorgio Armani, who was born in 1934 in Italy. Armani wasn’t always on the path of fashion and design, he began pursuing medicine. But joined the army after a few years of studying medicine.

He then found himself as a window dresser in a Milan department store, the men’s wear department. With their experience in this industry, he started designing clothes for Nino Cerruti and became a freelancer. With his gathered practical skills and expertise in the field, Armani founded his company with a friend in the year 1975. He launched his first collection of spring and summer wear.

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2. The Design

Looking at the watch, the physical features consist of a round body with two buttons, a touch screen, and a crown. Complete with a blue rubber strap. The stylish design is adapted from the smartwatch 101.

The rubber strap presents itself as durable and grips the wrist quite nicely. The strap makes the watch look a bit on the less expensive side. A bit modern and cool, but also light is what the strap is for the wristwatch and the user.

Armani Smartwatch

3. The Display

As for the case, it is made of aluminum which means the watch is slimmer and light. The smartwatch’s thickness is helpful for the wearer. The touchscreen is an AMOLED display in a body of 12 mm thick and a 44.5mm case. The resolution of the smartwatch is 390 x 390 with a 328-pixel display.

4. Operating System

Emporio Armani’s smartwatch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 platform and the hardware of Fossil Gen 5. The microphone and speakers are also built into the smartwatch. This is handy when answering calls and accessing Google Assistant. The storage of this smartwatch can carry 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

5. Health and Fitness Tracker

People can care too little or too much about their health and diet. But being healthy and going healthy is different for everyone. The ease to check the number of steps and the far mile you’ve run is helpful and motivating for the user.

The Armani Smartwatch can let you run applications to explore and track your fitness and health. The strap can take the sweat and with the heart rate sensor to display any record of your heartbeat, calories burned, and steps for the day.

6. GPS Tracker

The compatibility of the smartwatch to a phone helps for better GPS usage. Try testing the GPS with your phone and watch it beforehand. There is still some adjustment to this department, but a helpful guide indeed.

7. Heart Rate Tracker

People want to take notes of their sleeping routines and how much time they snooze than move. This will connect to your heart rate which is good for tracking your health progress.

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8. Battery Life

It is not a show-stopper for anyone at first glance. But the Emporio Armani smartwatch’s battery life can go on full app mode and standby mode for a day. Always remember to charge your smartwatch overnight for a whole day of usage.

The Good Buy

Smartwatches are the latest watches now. But seeing as the real essence of a wristwatch, the smartwatch is not a bad idea. Smartwatches are used with ease by anyone who plans to buy one. This accessory is a hassle-free timepiece for everyday use. Although the battery life is not so impressive, you are still able to call, track, and check time all on your wrist.

This watch from Emporio Armani is their modern technological take for the millennials and busy bees for work. Not all are amused by smartwatches because of the other gadgets they have on hand. A simple old school, luxury, and sophisticated Emporio Armani watch will suffice the need to know the time and date.

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