How to (EASILY) Change your Netflix Region

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You’ve just reached the season 4 cliffhanger of your favorite show. You’re on the edge of your seat as the credits come up but, not to worry because you know that season 5 is available. A few clicks and you’re there. Except that no, that horrifying message “content not available in your country” suddenly flashes on your screen. Before you throw your device out of the window in frustration, don’t worry because help is at hand and we’ll show you how to easily change Netflix region.

What is a VPN?

  • Virtual Private Network
  • More recent developments include decentralized VPNs

Most of us have heard of a Virtual Private Network although did you know that they’ve been around since 1996? The word “VPN” didn’t come into common use until much later but today, according to Global VPN Usage Statistics, over 30% of people use them around the world. The reasons for installing a VPN vary from wanting privacy and security to avoiding censorship or improving streaming quality.

As you’d expect, VPN technology is constantly evolving and today, for example, we have access to what’s called decentralized VPNs. Essentially, this leverages blockchain technology and works through a market collaboration system where people share their unused bandwidth in a global network. The idea is that this provides more security but what does this mean for Netflix and how to change Netflix region?

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What can VPNs do for you?

  • Hide your geographical region
  • Internet security

Do you really want companies to use your Netflix choices to sell you things? Have you noticed that Netflix also tailors its homepage according to your preferences and what you tend to watch? Sometimes that’s helpful of course but not always, especially if you’re in a different country. I’m sure most of us at some point or other have wished for an easy way to change Netflix region. A VPN service does this by hiding your actual location and allowing you to set it to wherever you want.

There are some very good VPN services out there and most of them are easy to use. However, with today’s option of using a decentralized VPN, you can now also have that extra sense of security. Unfortunately, money changes the best of intentions only too often and today, many VPN services sell their network data. What you once thought was secure is now being used against you. This is where the decentralized concept has so much potential.

Choosing a VPN

man use Netflix in smartphone
  • Compare different criteria
  • Check the common ones for your country

The first step in how to change Netflix region is to choose your VPN or decentralized VPN service provider. Of course, this part might be overwhelming because how do you know what’s good for you and which service provider to choose? Some countries, such as Russia, have even made certain VPN software and tools illegal so you need to be careful what you go for.

There are always options though and so your choice depends a lot on where you live. Also, some VPNs seem to be tailored to certain countries. This is especially true in Asia where there are some complex censorships in place.

There are of course a few points to note though when choosing your service provider. You might want to select one of the top ones used for your country or perhaps you choose what’s relevant for your usage. Different providers have different criteria and varying levels of, for example, speed and customer service. Others again are specifically designed for streaming certain shows whilst some focus on security. Either way, it’s a personal choice and most should offer you a trial service for you to test things out.

The Mechanics of how to Change Netflix Region

  • Choose a country within your VPN provider
  • Log into Netflix and your country is automatically updated

Log into your VPN or dVPN once you’ve downloaded it. You then choose the country from which you want to view Netflix. In this case, look up where your series is available and simply choose that country. You can then log into Netflix and it should automatically update your country accordingly. The way this works is because Netflix sets the region according to your IP address.

Thanks to your VPN or dVPN service, this IP address has now been hidden from Netflix and changed to whatever country location you’ve set it to. It’s as simple as that to change Netflix region.

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Parting Words on how to Change Netflix Region

It’s interesting that we almost take the internet for granted today. However, it’s completely revolutionized our access to information and how we think. Initially developed for the military, the internet expanded in ways that no one really imagined. Yet, today, we assume our right to global access to data and communications, rightly so.

Therefore, it’s very frustrating when censorship stops us from doing something as simple as watching our favorite Netflix shows. It’s also a shame that it can also be a tool that can be used against us. Think fake news, security breaches, and cyber threats. How do we balance freedom of information with safety?

It’s not just about how to change Netflix region but it’s also about how we define our society and how we relate to each other. This is where VPNs, and the more recent dVPN technology, can help provide some answers. Next time you log in to your chosen service to watch Netflix, remember that your choice can help these businesses come to the forefront and fight for our internet freedom.

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