Quit My Job. Now What? 6 Ways to Stay Positive & Proactive

Quit My Job

Quitting your job is a normal thing. Even though many people make this action sound rather negative, you should consider it as a normal thing that happens throughout life. After all, you’re not meant to hold the same job until you retire, especially if you don’t like it!

There are also situations that force you to quit your job. Health issues may ask for a break, parents need to be taken care of, and so on. Therefore, regardless of the reasons you had to quit your job, it is important to stay positive and proactive – not only for yourself but for your friends and family as well.

Analyze Things from a Different Angle

Usually, when people quit their jobs, friends and family are the first to question that decision. It is important to listen to their opinions and suggestions but to also analyze things on your own, from a different perspective.

Namely, you should make it clear to yourself that your old job wasn’t for you – it couldn’t satisfy your needs, for example. See it as the ideal reason to pursue the things that are best for you and your lifestyle!

Separate Yourself from the Job Scene

It is not advised to start job hunting right after you quit your job. Why? Because you’ll feel pressured to find a new job as soon as possible and, before you know it, may end up with a contract for a job similar to the one you just quit.

After quitting a job, the best thing to do is relax for a day or two. Do what you enjoy and what you want to do for a while. This may very well give you insight into which future job you want to apply for.

Job Hunting on a Schedule

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t devote all of your now free time to job hunting. Instead, it is much better to make a proper schedule for your job-hunting sessions and plan them ahead.

Quitting your job gives you a lot of free time. One may think that they have to spend it entirely on trying to find a new job. However, doing so will likely make them hate their next job as well.

woman bored tired office

Part-Time Work, Side-Gigs, and Freelance Projects

If you feel like you’re not ready for a new job yet, you may find other things interesting – for example, part-time jobs, freelancing, and side-gigs. You could also try things like Forex trading or stock markets – this review on Oanda may help you make up your mind.

In short, don’t rush into a new job that may just be a copycat of your former one. Take some time to experience new things and find your true calling.

LinkedIn Profile and More

Even though you may not be actively job-hunting, you could update your LinkedIn profile – as well as the profile of any other employment platform that you are on.

This new update should let employers and hiring managers that you are now available, looking for a new job, and so on. Even though it’s not much, doing such a thing still puts you on the job market and increases your chances of a job finding you.

Friend Prep-Talk

If they’re not judgmental of you for quitting your job, friends and family can be of great help in times like this. Your parents, for example, could take you in for a couple of days so that you have the emotional support required to go through this period.

Friends, on the other hand, can help you deal with anxiety and depression if any. They’ll know exactly what to tell you to make your situation significantly more bearable.

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The Bottom Line

The best thing to do after quitting your job is to realize that a job doesn’t define you and that, as such, you mustn’t hurry to get a new one as soon as possible.

Do your best to take a day or two entirely off to realize what’s important for you, what you want to do in life, and what satisfies you in terms of a career!

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