Why isn’t Your AT&T iPhone Unlocked Yet?

iPhone Unlocked

In the past decade, all network service providers have started locking their smartphone devices. If you’ve signed some type of payment plan, your iPhone is likely locked. That means you’ll be unable to use your gadget on another carrier.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with your provider forever. For example, you can call your current network carrier to assist you. Still, there’s a far more natural solution. Just get an unlock AT&T iPhone code from a third-party unlocking platform. Here’s a more detailed breakthrough.

Why isn’t My iPhone Unlocked?

Perhaps, the primary stumbling rock of getting an iPhone on a paid contract is the inability to change providers. Of course, that downside is quite frustrating for those who aren’t content with their payment terms. Besides, you may want to keep using your device after the end of your contract. Then why do network carriers lock their devices?

Honestly, the sole reason why companies do this trick is for commercial purposes. They simply don’t want you to go to another carrier. In some cases, they may offer unlocking services after you have finished paying for your contract. However, there are still some loopholes that may not materialize in full unlocking. Most of the time, mobile devices remain locked even after meeting all the requirements for unlocking.

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Is Phone Unlocking Illegal?

No, it’s not. The procedure of unlocking your iPhone or any other smartphone is entirely legal. If you plan on doing it through your carrier, you have to finalize your payments. Otherwise, they won’t unlock your device. That’s why it’s a savvy idea to check with your carrier first.

Is My Phone Locked?

Firstly, there’s a simple way to tell if you can’t use your iPhone with another SIM. In most cases, such gadgets are either second-hand or from another user. If this mobile doesn’t work on your network, then you should use factory unlocking.

What Does “Factory Unlocking” Mean?

In general, your initial consideration is to contact your provider. For instance, AT&T offers a straightforward unlocking procedure. You just have to meet all the prerequisites listed on their website.

Still, there’s a far more reliable way of doing things. Factory unlocking refers to the method of using the device’s IMEI number to free it. Arguably, this approach is the fastest and most straightforward way to free your iPhone from the shackles.

person hand holding a Unlocked iPhone

Why are Third-Party Unlocking Services Better?

Now, you may wonder why using third-party services is a more viable option than calling your carrier. The main advantage is the seamless and straightforward process. Unlike your mobile carrier, a third website can unlock your phone in mere days. For example, you will get an unlock AT&T iPhone code in no time for a small fee.

The Best Way to Unlock AT&T iPhone

On the other hand, network providers may not free your phone completely. For example, Apple often sends software updates that may lock your iPhone again. That’s why factory unlocking is much faster and far more reliable.

Besides, it’s as simple as it gets. Just go online and lookup an unlocking option with a high rating. That way, you’ll ensure you’ll get premium-quality servicing at the fastest and cheapest rates. Ultimately, you can get your AT&T iPhone unlocked at CellUnlocker.net. The platform offers a seamless and reliable solution for all smartphones, including the latest iPhone models.

Unlike AT&T, CellUnlocker offers a safe unlocking with a 100% success guarantee. Simply fill out the form with your contact email, IMEI number, and the iPhone model. After you pay the symbolic fee, you’ll get an unlock AT&T iPhone pin within a few days. Consequently, it will free your phone. After all, you don’t have to stick to the same network provider forever. Moreover, you’ll be able to look for cheaper offers.

Is my iPhone Unlocked?

When you unlock your device, you usually receive a confirmation message from your carrier. Still, there are some manual steps that you can try. Start by turning off your phone. Eject your old SIM card and place your new SIM. Then, you can try and make a call. If you can connect over the new network, that means your iPhone is free!

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Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s always better to have an entirely free gizmo at your disposal. That way, you’ll be able to change network providers whenever you want. Moreover, you’ll be able to use your gadget when you’re abroad. Typically, using local carrier SIM cards is more affordable than paying additional fees for roaming services. That’s why factory unlocking is the best way to free your iPhone.

Of course, you may just want to keep your device without signing a new contract. All in all, it’s your phone, and you shouldn’t let mobile carriers dictate the parade. Get an unlock AT&T iPhone code now and use your mobile however you want!

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