6 Neon Lighting Tips for Your Tiny Home

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In this day and age, home design is a lot more versatile and free. Homes no longer have to be of a certain size. This is why a good number of people prefer to build tiny homes instead of full-sized ones. By having a tiny home, you will not only be able to save up on building expenses, but you will also be able to design a cozier living space that will fit all your needs. One of the challenges of having a tiny home though is decorating it.

Decorating a tiny home could be a challenge because it is smaller and you will need to be subtle with your design, or risk having it look cluttered. One of the most important things to consider when you design your home is the lighting: neon lights will come in handy here. Here are 6 Neon lighting tips to consider for your tiny home.

1. Bottle them Up

One of the best things about using neon lights for home design is its versatility. They can be used for illumination and they could also be used for decoration. Neon lights are also very flexible and can be constructed in a variety of ways. One way is to store them in glass bottles of various sizes and designs.

By combining bottles with your neon lights, you can create unique home decorations. You can insert small neon lights into old bottles to create lamps, or you could also string smaller bottles together to create a chain around your home.

Some people may think that combining neon lights with bottles is dangerous, but just as long as you use the right neon lights, there is really no danger. Luckily there are companies such as Ginde Star that create top-quality neon lights at the best prices possible. The company has products such as the GindeStar Neon, that can be easily used in numerous versatile ways.

2. Use Them to Create a Specific Ambiance

Tiny homes can be a wonderful project, however, it could be difficult to create a specific ambiance with such limited space. Luckily neon lights can be used to customize your home design. It all really depends on how you use them and what color you use. For example, if you want to create a comforting atmosphere, you could use warm tones such as pink, peach, or beige neon lights.

On the other hand, if you want to create a more retro 80’s look you should use colors such as bright green, cyan, or orange to create a more edgy effect. Overall, when it comes to using neon lights, color combinations are always key.

3. Line the Walls and Stairways

Tiny homes are compact and can be decorated quite easily. So it makes sense that you line the walls with neon lights. They will not only make your tiny home look more welcoming, but they will also provide a great source of lighting.

When you line the walls, you should make sure that the lights are well-secured and the linings are not visible. You could also line your stairways with neon lights. They will act as both a decoration and a safety precaution. Just make sure that you install the neon lights well, and that there are no loose ends that you could snag your feet on.

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4. Create Detailed Neon Light Designs

Neon Lights are very flexible and can be shaped into various detailed designs. This is why many business establishments use neon lights to create neon signs to attract potential customers. By using neon lights, you could decorate your home in a myriad of ways. You could use neon lights to write inspirational phrases. You could also use neon lights to create beautiful patterns and designs to highlight your home’s main features.

Neon lights have evolved to the extent that you can cut them into specific dimensions and shapes. Back in the day neon lights were made of glass and were very difficult to shape. You also needed a professional to install the lights for you. Nowadays, you can install neon lights with little to no help.

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5. Create a Focal Point for your Tiny Home

When you design your tiny home, it is important that you create a focal point. The focal point is the spot that will draw everyone’s eyes. It will also bring the whole room together. So when you install your neon lights, you should make sure that you place them in the right location. For example, you can place a neon sign above your bed or desk. You could also strategically place a neon sign or design over your stove or table. It will draw everyone’s eyes, and create a harmonious effect on your tiny home.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo it with the neon lights. Remember that neon lights are special, and if you use too much of them in your tiny home it will just end up looking cluttered and gaudy.

6. Incorporate them with Your Plant Life

Due to the tiny home’s small size, it can be very easy for it to look like a very small box. So it is always a good idea to add plant life into your home design. You could add vines to your walls, or a mini-pine tree or hanging plant can really bring the house together. However, if you use too many plants in your home design, it may end up feeling dark and cramped. The tiny house may end up feeling smaller than ever. By using neon lights with your plant life, you can light up your home, and highlight the beauty of your plants.


Decorating a tiny home could be a challenge because it is easy for it to get cluttered and cramped. So you will need decorations that are not only decorative but provide lighting as well. With these 6 Neon Lighting tips, you could design your tiny home in the best way possible.

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