Problems that Owners Face in Cat Training

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Cat training can be the most exhausting and time taking process. To train a dog is easy, as it obeys everything you say, but when it comes to cats, it’s a huge “NO” They don’t like to take orders from others as they are their own boss.

That’s why it becomes really difficult for the owners to train their cats to behave well. Many owners complain that they are facing a lot of trouble while training their cats.

However, not all cats are the same. There are some specific breeds of cats that can be easily trained, for example, if you have a Maine Coon cat then it will be no issue for you to train it because disciplining a Maine Coon cat is easy, similarly ragdolls and Norwegian forest cats don’t give their owners a hard time while training. That’s why it is suggested to buy a breed of cat that is easy to teach.

Yet generally, many owners have to face a lot of problems in cat training. Some of the major problems are discussed below along with their solutions, so if you are facing any of the following difficulties, then you can treat your cat with the respected solution so that it can be easily trained.

Litter Training Issues

Litter box training issue is found in almost 75% of cats. They urinate and defecate in different corners of the house including wardrobes and carpets. This behavior is majorly caused due to a health problem faced by the cat, it might be infections or constipation. Another problem with this inappropriate behavior is that your cat might be afraid and shy, he just couldn’t accept his new home and is going through disturbed mental conditions.

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The best way to treat this problem of your cat is to seek medical care or make your cat comfortable in your home.

Scratching the Furniture

When cats are growing, they develop a natural urge to scratch, this is the reason they are always scratching the sides of your sofas, beds, and other furniture. And when you forbid them to do so, they just don’t listen to you because their instinct is becoming dominant on them.

girl with Cat


To train your cat to stop scratching the furniture, you would have to provide him with a scratch cushion which is specially meant for cats.

Fleas and Ticks Issues

Another reason why your cat doesn’t listen to you when you are trying to train him is that he might have some fleas and lice on his body. These parasites irritate the cats and make them scratch all the time. That’s why when you are teaching something to your cats, he can’t concentrate on what you are saying because he is busy thinking about those little things that are crawling all over his body.


To cope with this problem, you’ll first have to take your cat for parasite treatment, or you can also do it at home. After that, you can train your cat the way you like because now it is possible for the cat to listen and concentrate on what you are saying.

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