Most Popular Wood Shade Pendant lights for 2020

Wood Shade lights

The beauty of wood globe pendants is that they never go out of style. This pendant light has stayed in the market for many years. Therefore, it has grown popular. Nature lovers can include lighting in living spaces.

They look attractive in the kitchen, living room, foyer, bedroom, kid’s room, entryways, and stairwell. Here is the most known wood globe pendant in 2020:

Farmhouse Weathered Wooden Globe Pendant

Farmhouse weathered wooden globe can be used as a decorative element and provide a function. This fixture is designed with clear lines, wood, and weathered finishes. It spreads light evenly and creates an attractive and welcoming environment for the guests.

You can also add compatible dimmers to get different brightness. Moreover, it can stay for years in the house without getting old. This is because it is protected from flying and crawling insects that live in wood.

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Rustic Pendant Chandelier with Globe Wood Shade-4 Light

The rustic pendant chandelier is made of crafted wooden circles. The design can be adjusted to give different looks from various views. This will enable you to achieve a matching design with the style of space.

Moreover, it offers perfect accent lighting. The wood globe pendant illuminates an area and highlights furniture. You can place it in the bedroom, kitchen, entryway, foyer, and living room. In addition to that, it features 60watt bulbs as well as compatible dimmers. The dimensions are 47.24-inch adjustable cord, 19.44-inch diameter, and 4.72-inch canopy.

Distressed Globe Wooden Pendant Light 1 Light Farmhouse Fixture

A distressed wooden globe makes it easy for homeowners to bring a French feeling home. Its eye-catching design strikes different rooms including the kitchen, bedroom, foyer, hallway, living room, entryway, and dining room. On top of that, it is common for insects to attack wooden fixtures.

Nonetheless, this piece is highly resistant to insects. It comes with a hardwired connection that should be put on lower angled sloped ceilings. Use 60 watt- bulbs like LED, CFL, and incandescent. The lighting is completely dimmable. The chain measures 47.24 inches, 13.77inch shade diameter, and 4.72-inch canopy.

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Wood Shade Pendant lights

Distressed off White Wooden Chandelier Sphere 6 Light

The wood globe pendant is crafted using metal and distressed wood. It is characterized by rustic and white finishes that suit most decors. This durable light is protected from insects. You can add in the hallway, living room, kitchen, foyer, bedroom, kid’s room, and dining room.

Use 40-watt quality bulbs. Also, you can make moods by including a dimmable light and switch. The adjustable cord is about 43.3 inches, 5.4-inch canopy, and 18.9 inches wide. Lastly, the lighting is perfect for vaulted ceilings and sloped ceilings.

Distressed Wood Pendant Chandelier 6 Light Dining Fixture

Recover history by adding a distressed wood pendant to your living space. It uses 6 candelabra-inspired lights that illuminate an even light to hidden corners. Furthermore, it has white and black finishes which blend well with any color. After you order, ensure you get 6 40-watt bulbs.

It is recommended to use incandescent, CFL, or LED. You can set different moods by purchasing a compatible dimmer switch as well as lights. The dimensions are a 41.3-inch adjustable cord, 5.4 inches canopy, 19.8 inches wide, and 22.4 inches high. Above and over the pendant works well on vaulted ceilings and sloped ceilings. 

Final Thoughts

Calyx has different ranges of stylish wood globe pendants. The prices are different depending on factors like size. However, they are affordable compared to other sites. Also, the brand offers a two-year warranty in case of inconvenience. Besides that, these lights can be used in all rooms in the house to add a touch of style. Moreover, you can include compatible dimmable switches as well as light to change the level of brightness. You can browse more popular wood shade pendant lights here

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