16 Tips that Experts Follow for their YouTube Channel Growth

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YouTube has millions of uploaders, billions of minutes of videos watched every day, and billions of users. The main problem faced by a vast majority of YouTubers is that not many people watch their videos. Only a fraction of all videos uploaded is even watched more than a few thousand times. If users do not watch your videos, it is unreasonable to think that your YouTube channel is growing.

You might be wondering how famous YouTubers get so many views. They follow certain strategies to do so. If you want to grow your channel, follow a similar strategy to reach their level. You can also use a YouTube intro maker with no watermark to create high-quality videos. 

16 Expert Tips for Growing your YouTube Channel

Expert YouTubers follow several tips and tricks to grow their channel. Here are a few of these tips:

  1. Keywords: Keywords are essential for search engine optimization. Keywords decide the visibility of your video on YouTube and other search engines like Google. It is prudent to incorporate these keywords into the title and description of your video to grow the video’s viewer base.
  1. Quality: The quality of your videos must be consistent and high. If you make one excellent video followed by many low-quality videos, you are likely to suffer from unsubscription and falling views. The expectations of the subscribers of your channel also fall. Thus, they will likely stop watching your videos.
  1. Schedule: A schedule is critical for growth on YouTube. Subscribers are more likely to stay tuned to your channel if they know when new videos will be uploaded. If you randomly upload this content on any day of the week at any time of the day, your view count is bound to be equally irregular.
  1. Branding: On YouTube, it is essential to build your brand. It makes you distinct from other users as in any venture. With an increasing number of YouTube channels, a channel with a memorable brand is bound to be more prevalent on the platform. With this visibility, your subscribers increase and your channel grows.
  1. Thumbnails: Even before users read the title of your video, your video’s first impression is provided by its thumbnail. The more attractive the thumbnail, the more likely your video will be clicked on and watched. Hence, it is prudent to create a custom thumbnail for your video.
  1. Title: The use of keywords is essential in the title of your video. These keywords are highly searched words. They can significantly improve your video’s performance in the ranking system of YouTube. Keywords have been shown to increase your view count as well as channel subscriptions.
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  1. Description: It is essential for the success of your video that your description is searchable. Most times, you cannot include all keywords in your video title. The remaining keywords can be used to describe your video since this is also indexed for searching on YouTube.
  1. Meta Tags: The meta tag is another SEO tool that increases your video’s performance in search engines. The meta tag can include the overarching theme of your video and minute specifics. This makes it searchable in search engines.
  1. Cards and End Screens: Cards are small tiles that help the user navigate your channel at the end of the current video. These are also known as Youtube outros.

End screens can be added to your video to communicate a message, deliver a call to action, or ask the viewer to subscribe. They significantly impact the viewership of your channel.

  1. Subtitles: As YouTube has included the option to watch a video on mute in its mobile app. Thus, the importance of closed captioning has increased even more. Adding subtitles makes your video understandable even on mute and increases views.
  1. Raw File Name: It is surprising to note that your video’s raw file name also impacts the SEO of your video and your channel. It is prudent to include your keywords in your video’s raw file name. It will improve your search engine ranking.
  1. Interacting With Subscribers: Interacting with your subscribers certainly helps in fostering loyalty and increases viewer retention. You may interact with your subscribers in the comments section or on other social media platforms.
  1. Playlists: Playlists are necessary features of a YouTube channel. Si Generally, playlists have autoplay activated. Thus, viewers watching one video automatically move on to the next one in the playlist. This leads to an increase in channel viewership.
  1. Cooperation: When you first start your channel, it is wise to cooperate with other more prominent channels. You should take advantage of their more extensive subscribers base to grow your own.
  1. Promotion: Today’s digital world offers many opportunities to promote your brand for free or for very low cost, including your YouTube channel. You may use guest blogging portals, other YouTube channels, or even social media to grow your channel’s user base. Every video should be followed by posts on various platforms promoting either that particular video or the channel as a whole. Use a promo video maker to make a promotional video for your channel. Remember to share it on other platforms.
  1. Persistence: Growing your YouTube channel takes time. Go back to the first videos of any large individual YouTube channel, and you will see low standard videos with very few views. As you post videos, you evolve. This evolution takes your channel to new heights over time and with experience.

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Everyone these days wants to have their own successful YouTube Channel. However, most YouTubers struggle to grow their channel. Use these tips that experts follow to improve your channel.

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