4 Benefits of Automated Car Parking System

auto car parking system

With the advancement in technology, it seems there is always a tech-related solution for everything. Parking lots are no different with solutions such as automated car parking systems becoming popular and widely adopted. Just think about it; Tesla and other giant corporations out there are rolling out self-driving cars and other technologies that are transforming the transportation industry. This is one of the factors driving growth and transformation in the car parking industry. 

Be it a shopping center or mall, an office building, or a public parking space; automated car parking systems are making parking convenient to both the driver and car park management team. If you are still not convinced about the outstanding benefits of an automated car parking system, you may want to check the following benefits. 

1. Minimize management expenses

For parking spaces management, an automated solution means less operational cost. With such systems in place, the need for a physical attendant to be present to help a driver with parking is redundant. Automatic Car Park Barriers ticketing system ensures that drivers know where to park once they check into a parking space.

This prevents improper parking, an issue that might result in a single-car occupying parking space meant for two cars. Also, an automated car parking system can prevent illegal parking, and this reduces operational costs. 

2. Maximize on Revenue

Automations mean the parking lot can operate round the clock and therefore keep revenue streaming in. Also, parking lots that utilize automated systems have an hourly rate system for those who wish to park their vehicle for a few hours or minutes. Most automated city parking spaces offer a free half an hour parking as an incentive.

Charging by the hour for parking attracts even more drivers to utilize the parking spaces for parking, especially for short periods. Generally, traditional parking charges a standard rate for all parking regardless of how long you need the spot. Automations bring you more customers.

3. Improve Customer Experience

With automated car parking systems in place, there is less contact of drivers with attendants and less likelihood of any conflict to arise. These systems ensure that a driver checks in peacefully park their vehicle and make payments easily on the system with an intuitive interface without having to go through lots of paperwork. This additional convenience might be exactly what your customers are looking for. Remember, offering outstanding client experiences can cultivate trust and loyalty. This is an effective approach to retaining customers. 

people parking a cars

Some advanced system detects your car number plate at checkpoints and automatically issue the driver with a ticket and where to park. Parking is made easy with no need for cumbersome paperwork accustomed to traditional parking systems.

4. Improved Security

Generally, these parking spaces use CCTV footage for remote monitoring. With a camera in every corner to keep watch for any attempt at vandalizing the parking system. Be it in a mall or a public parking space, cameras and motion sensors ensure that your vehicle is safe from any form of theft while parked.

Also, the automated parking machine themselves have an anti-tamper-proof system that sends a report of any tampering attempt to persons monitoring the system remotely to ensure safety. Parking spaces with remote monitoring are more secure with rare cases of theft compared to public parking with a lack of real-time monitoring systems in place.


The benefits of automated car parking systems cannot be understated. They range from improved security, seamless operations, and preventing vandalism, to cost minimization, revenue maximization, and better customer experience. It’s time to invest in a high-quality and reliable automated car parking system.

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