How to Choose Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn Mower

The type of lawn mowing mostly depends on the lawnmower blade to be used. At the same time, when choosing a lawnmower blade to be used for lawns, consideration should be given to the type of lawnmower equipment (with a specific power capacity and type of lawnmower deck).

That’s because not all lawnmowers can accommodate cutting blades of all types. Make sure you always buy the product that suits your lawn mower model. Some lawnmower blades require more power to operate efficiently from the lawnmower motor.

Therefore, the importance of choosing an appropriate lawn mower blade for the lawnmower cannot be in the process of obtaining a perfectly decorated and professional-looking lawn.

There are two types of blades used for lawn mowers Let’s find out more about which should be the best as Husqvarna lawn mower blades between mulching blades or regular blades?

Quality of blades

The mulching blade is designed to keep the grass trimmed below the lawnmower deck, rather than sending it into the discharge chute immediately. Even mulching blades are designed to keep chips in the chute but they are not as effective in discharging or bagging chips as regular blades.

At the same time, regular blades do not cut the clippings into tiny pieces such as mulching blades. Insufficient shredded debris can clog regular blades and the underside of the lawnmower deck which can cause the blades and lawnmower equipment to wear prematurely.

Taking these advantages and disadvantages into consideration for a regular blade, you can choose three types of lifting blades. The right lifting blade can be selected based on the height of the grass on the lawn and the frequency of the pruning.

  • First is a low-lift blade, it’s also had curved blade designs, though not as prominent as the high-lift blades. If the grass is short on your lawn and the density is poor, then a poor-lift blade is fine. Also critical is the amount of dirt or field you choose to remove as the more debris or dust in the field, the more likely it is to reach the lawn mower’s inner components. Therefore, if your lawn is at the edge of a rock, the lack of low-lift blade suction can cause the cut grass to leave the lawnmower thereby minimizing dust and debris rates.
  • Second is a medium-lift blade, it’s tended to have straight edges. Such blades have a moderate upward shape, ideal only for natural lawn areas that are not overly muddy with dirt. Unless your lawn mower has the unique vital horsepower, specifications pick these styles of blades. Such blades provide a medium amount of lift or air pressure, which needless horsepower than large lift blades.
  • The third is a high-lift blade, for cutouts bagging it is recommended to use a high-lift blade. These blades have a more pronounced angle for greater lift efficiency. Often recommended for those blades when the grass is high and thick. Those blades, however, cannot be used in dusty locations due to the high lift. This is because those particles are more likely to get inside the lawn mower and may cause the equipment to wear prematurely. 
man check the problem of Lawn Mower Blades

In general, higher lift blades need more horsepower than lower lift blades when it comes to power requirements, so test your lawn mower horsepower before choosing which best lawn mower blades to use.

Mulching blade

A mulching blade is another type of blade. These blades are also called 3-in-1 blades because of their mulching purpose. These blades have broad curved surfaces and several or longer cutting surfaces around their edges.

This architecture leads to the capacity of the blade to recirculate air under the surface, which is sliced several times and discharged back into the soil.


The first thing to consider is a preferred way of cutting grass. Grass scraps can be bagged on one side, drained, and covered. The method of treatment will depend on what type of mower blade you choose. The difference is its shape between a mulching blade and a regular blade.

The mulching blade has more curved edges so that the lawnmower can circulate under the lawn mower deck and allow the blade to be cut into more small pieces on several occasions, which can help to disassemble faster. So now it’s up to you which is suitable for your lawnmower blades.

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