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www.risecredit.com: Now, you can apply for your very own personal loans at RISE credit anytime. The whole process is online and very fast.

You can apply for loans from $500 to $5000. The terms are very convenient for anyone. You can make your customized loan with an online application. Payments can be made online at any time without any hassle.

Rise credit loan service is very good for people wanting quick loans. I have explained some important points below. 

Highlights of RiseCredit.com

  • You can apply for a loan in minutes.
  • They’ll suggest you some loan options according to your provided info.
  • You can choose your loan with RISE.
  • You can receive cash in your account as soon as the next business day.
  • Due to the Military Lending Act RISE is not available for people associated with the military in any way.
  • Requests may get disapproved because of minimum income.
  • Tennesse or Kansas residents will not obtain reduced rates.

Eligibility to Apply for Personal Loan

  • You should be 18 or more to be able to apply for a personal loan.
  • An email address is needed to receive confirmation mails.
  • You should be a resident of the US and of a state they provide their services in.
  • A proper source of income is necessary.
  • Your bank account should be valid and checking.
  • Savings and prepaid accounts are not accepted.
  • You must not be involved in any illegal activity.

Apply at risecredit.com

You can apply at RiseCredit.com-invitation at anytime for your personal loans. All you have to do is fill their form and select from their suggested loan options. The invitation code is not necessary to apply.

Apply online

  1. Visit www.risecredit.com.
  2. Click on “Apply now” from the top right corner.
  3. A form will be opened.
  4. Provide information about you and your income and fill the form.
  5. Set up a password for your account at RISE Credit.
  6. Write the mail offer code or invitational code if you received any otherwise leave it empty.
  7. Read all the policies. 
  8. Provide your checking account to receive a loan.
  9. Click on to submit.
  10. You’ll receive a notification to tell you if your request is approved or not in a few seconds.
  11. Once your application is approved, you will receive your loan within a day.
Increase Your Credit Limit

Apply through Phone

You can call at 866-560-1228 to directly apply by phone. Provide all your information to them. You’ll receive a confirmation message and your amount will be delivered within a day. Loans approved after 6pm ET will be given the next day.

Sign in Your Account

  1. To sign in to your account, visit www.risecredit.com.
  2. Click on the “Sign in” option from the top row.
  3. You’ll be led to a log in page.
  4. Fill the given boxed by writing your email address and password you provided at the time of applying.
  5. Click the “Sig in” button below the two fields.
  6. You’ll be connected to your account.

Payment Methods

Payments of your loan can be done in a couple of different ways. You can pay online or send your checks by mail. All of the methods they have for credit payments are described below.

For your convenience payments will be made from your checking account if you decide to receive money from Electronic Deposit. You can change that from account settings.

Online Payments

  1. For making your payments online, visit www.risecredit.com.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Select the “make payments” option in the “My Account” section.
  4. Add in your account number and submit.
  5. Debit card payments will only be accepted only for one third payment.
  6. You will receive a notification as soon as you are done.

By Phone

Simply call at 866- 580-1226 for any assistance regarding the payments and installments. Give them your card number or bank account number. Also, provide your log in details and loan number.

Your payments will be credited in their accounts and you’ll receive a message about that on your account.

By Mail

Pay your installments through mail by sending in your paycheck. Make sure that it has your bank account number visibly written over it. They’ll not accept any kind of cash. Their mailing addresses are as follows: 

RISE Credit
P.O. Box 679900 Dallas, TX 75267-9900

Overnight Payments:      

RISE Credit
Lockbox Number 679900 1200 E. Campbell Rd., Suite 108
Richardson, TX 75081

Customer Service at risecredit.com

There automated customer service is available on your phone 24/7. If you want to talk to their customer care representatives, you can call them at the following number 866- 580-1226. Their service would be available from Monday to Friday 8am to 11 pm and Sat-Sun from 9am to 6pm. Make sure you call in the following hours for any type of assistance.

They also have a fax number 866-580-1228. For sending them any email, you can visit the website www.risecredit.com/contact-us and fill the form given there. You can also write to their mailing address for correspondence. Their mailing address is as follows:

Attn: Customer Support PO Box 101808
Fort Worth, TX 76185

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