How to Choose the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

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As homeowners, we would like to maintain the beauty and quality of our home, that’s why, we make sure that every part of the house will be taken care of, especially when using machines on the hardwood flooring.

The floor is the most used part because we all walk and run on it. This may get dirty when we have children or pets playing around. However, we cannot stop them from doing so, since they have no intention of making the place a mess. We allow them to freely enjoy the place since it is their home.

Because of this, we should use the best steam mop for the hardwood floor. But we cannot simply pick one from the market to avoid disappointments. So, will you choose the most expensive and popular, since everybody is on it?

In my opinion, you have to take your time and think properly. If you are aiming at buying the best steam mop for hardwood floors, then make sure that this is specifically designed and tailored to your needs and not for your likes. Let’s say that we just need to be responsible and smart consumers.

Keep in mind that every mop is designed with a purpose. So, you should not just use anything on a hardwood floor.

Remember that, if it is not meant for a certain type of floor, then this may lead to damages, scratches, fading, discoloration, and development of bacteria or molds. Pretty sure that you won’t like such things to happen, right? Such things will really decrease the value of your property and it won’t actually look appealing to your eyes.

Therefore, you will feel sad and disappointed. This means that you should learn how to choose the best steam mop for hardwood floors.

Key Points to Choose the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors


Added weight due to, accessories or other features will not be a problem, if you do not need to carry this steam mop around the house, especially on the second or third floor through stairs.

However, you should greatly consider how much this machine weighs, so it won’t be a burden when carrying it or using it at home.


It would be great to have multiple settings for different types of floors, instead of purchasing different steam mops to use. Some of you may have installed laminated floorings or other tiles aside from hardwood.

In this case, it is not economical to buy various mops. However, if you prefer and can afford multiple mops, then that would be fine.


You can always purchase steam mops with basic features and these functions well. However, if you would like to buy something with accessories, then you should check the heads because this may be interchangeable as well as the cleaning pads.

Mop for Hardwood Floors

Some of these are paid separately, while the others are already included in the package.


When it comes to finances, we cannot deny the fact that there are homeowners, who are really on a tight budget. We can let the wealthier ones buy the most expensive steam mops.

But keep in mind that the cost of the best item is not always determined by the price. Therefore, check the item, if it will be helpful and beneficial. This must suit your cleaning needs. It won’t be very wise to buy something that is not useful, anyway.


Basically, you are buying a steam mop for your hardwood floor, right? Therefore, keep this in mind when you are choosing one because the different models with their features will confuse you.

However, if you will stick to your goal, then you will pick a steam mop that is specifically designed for hardwood surfaces. Let’s say that you found something with added features. Now, will you take it or not?

Again, go back to other considerations and check how they can be useful to you. It’s like giving an evaluation before making a purchase.

Heating Time

Before using the steam mop, you have to heat it. You should check the heating time of this particular model. If possible, you should choose the ones with the fastest heat time.

In this way, it will be more efficient and you can clean a wider area. Remember that time is important, especially when you are cleaning the whole house. And then, it would be a waste of time, if it will take longer before using it again.


A steam mop with a cord is convenient when you need to use it for a longer time and wider space because it will require more power, especially when it is for a hardwood floor.

However, a cordless steam mop is easier to manipulate, when you have furniture around the room and when you have to go upstairs and carry it for use.

In fact, it is advisable in setups where there are a few outlets. And then, do not forget that you need to fully charge a cordless steam mop and this power may not be enough for a wider space, which means that you have to charge it again before using it.

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