What Is a Temp Agency? A Guide for Employers And Job Seekers

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Hiring new employees can be one of the most stressful parts of running a business. You don’t know if things will work out, so you spend too much time and energy trying to get things right.

That’s why temp agencies are so beneficial to businesses. You work with recruiters to find the perfect candidate for the job you need to be done. That’s why 90% of businesses globally use some sort of staffing agency to find workers.

So, what is a temp agency, and how does it work for businesses and temporary workers? Read below to learn the answers to your questions.

What is a Temp Agency?

A temporary employment agency is a company that connects employers who need workers for short-term work and employees who are looking for jobs. Workers sign up for a temp agency, go through a background check, list their skills, and get put into a database.

With that information, temp agency staffing companies now have a database of qualified business workers. Companies contact these agencies to ask for workers and let them know their requirements.

Once the agency collects a company’s worker qualification information, it searches its databases for candidates that are qualified for the job. The temp agency matches the worker and employer and starts the formal relationship.

Why Use a Temp Agency

Now that you understand what a temp agency is, the question is, will using one be beneficial? Read on to learn why using temp workers from an agency makes sense.

Reduce Overhead

One of the biggest problems with hiring employees full-time is overhead. You don’t only have the cost of salaries to contend with. You must also pay benefits, offer paid time off, and contend with other issues.

Since the worker you hire has employment through the agency, you don’t have any of those costs. This means you get a flat hourly rate for work and can avoid paying too much extra for labor.

Handle Short-Term Work

Another problem you face when hiring an employee is commitment. People who work for you full-time probably don’t want to work for a few weeks and jump to another job. They want to be part of your organization for the long haul.

Unfortunately, there may be short-term work your company needs completed that isn’t suited to hiring someone full-time. A temp agency worker is the perfect fit for this role since the temp agency employs them and can fill whatever vacancy you need — for however long you need it.

Hire a Specialist

One of the great things about temp workers is that their skill is already vetted. They have likely worked for the temp agency for some time, which means the agency knows a worker’s capabilities well.

Take the need for a legal assistant, for instance. You can’t hire just anyone to fill this position. You need someone with experience dealing with legal issues, so specialized legal staffing will be your best option.

Save Time

One of the biggest problems with hiring is the time it takes to find the right candidate. You have to post job ads, interview potential employees, consult with your team, and much more. You also have the chance of hiring the wrong person and needing to go through the entire process again.

Find right candidates

You can avoid much of the hassle when you hire an employee from a temp agency. When you do this, you give a temp agency permission to find the perfect candidate for your needs on your behalf. This means you can avoid wasting time yourself finding the right job candidates.

Hire Quickly

Another big problem with hiring employees is the time it takes to hire someone. In many cases, it can take weeks or months to finally settle on a candidate — and that doesn’t include firing and rehiring when you make the wrong choice.

You can get the talent you need quickly with a temp agency. Send your requirements to an agency, and it will immediately search its ranks for the right talent. In some cases, you may be able to find workers the next day.

This is great if you need immediate help and can’t afford to go through the hiring process.

Contract-to-Hire Options

There will be some situations when you really like the employee a temp agency offers. They do amazing works you find valuable, which means you will be willing to make a longer commitment.

In cases like this, you can use a contract-to-hire option. You can work with a temp agency to try workers without making a big commitment. Once you find the worker that fulfills all your needs, you can offer a full-time opportunity.

Reduce Risk

The chances are good that you have a core team that you don’t worry much about leaving. There isn’t much risk with these employees since you know what to expect. The same isn’t true when someone is new.

You have a lot of risk with new employees. You aren’t sure if they will stick around, so you’ll waste a lot of resources getting them up to speed if they decide to leave. Since a temp worker is only short-term, there is much less risk when you work with them.

Reach Out to a Temp Agency Today

It’s not always easy to find help as a business owner. You don’t have the workload to hire someone full-time, so you make do with what you have. However, you do have options for temp workers if you’re in this situation.

That’s what a temp agency is for. You’ll be able to get short-term help and move on after you finish your project. Now that you can answer the question, “What is a temp agency?” reach out to one today to get the help you need.

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