How to Match OEM Paint for Your Vehicle


Have you wondered if you should match paint colors once you upgrade or repair your vehicle? The answer’s pretty simple, but we’ll explain more about it in this post.

If your car has a scratch or new part, it’s best to get OEM paint of the same color. That way, it blends in well with everything else. But if you own an older car model, finding the exact shade might feel like a challenge.

So, how can you make the OEM color match your vehicle? We’ll discuss what you need to know in this guide. Let’s start.

Find the Original Paint

One of the best ways to get the exact car paint used on your vehicle is by getting what it uses. You should know the car manufacturer’s name, model number, and manufacturing date and year.

Look for the manufacturer’s website to see if you can trace information about your car, including the paint color. The downside is that your vehicle may not be there if it’s an even older model.

It also helps to know your car’s vehicle identification number. It makes it easier to find your exact car model and type.

Check the Shade and Not the Name

Many suggest looking up the paint codes when finding vehicle paint. But one thing about car manufacturers is they tend to use different codes all the time! You might even find one color associated with several names.

It usually happens because of formula changes. It could also affect how it looks when you apply paint to your car. If that’s your concern, you can see how it works on your car before using it. After all, it is still the same color.

Use Paint Code Database

You can find paint code databases online or from vehicle manufacturers. Some would also have car information on there, making it much easier to tell if it’s right. Before you decide where to buy your paint, the main goal is to find the correct shade.


A database makes that process simpler for you. Note that not all manufacturers have information for their vehicles available anywhere. You might come across little to no information about your car.

If that’s the case, you need to get your car checked by a professional and ask them about automotive paint color.

Mix Colors when Necessary

You might have exhausted all your means to find the exact car paint and still can’t find the perfect paint match. If so, it’s time to realize that your OEM paint color probably doesn’t exist.

When that happens, you can mix multiple colors or tones instead! It only takes longer because you should identify those shades and their ratio. You may need to check these advanced automotive services if you can’t break them down.

Get the Right OEM Paint Color with these Tips

If you want to have your OEM paint match your vehicle’s color, it will take a lot of searching. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find the exact shade.

It usually requires your car information, VIN, paint code, or possible paint mix. If you want to learn more, check out the rest of our blog.

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