How to Get Rid of Ground Moles with Vinegar?

ground moles

Moles are pesky critters that leave your yard looking like a bomb went off. They are typically brown in color with bits of darker fur and even darker eyes, and they often appear to be scurrying about the ground. Mole damage is fairly easy to identify. First, you can usually tell where the tunnels have been torn up by how the grass looks in certain areas.

It seems like it’s standing up straighter because it’s lighter than the surrounding area. Second, you may see large piles of dirt or clay next to tunnel entrances in the ground that look like little mole hills.

What Makes Considering Vinegar for Ground Moles Beneficial?

Below we will understand how to get rid of ground moles with vinegar.


Vinegar is a natural, safer product to use instead of many chemical products. Not only is it safer, but it’s also more effective at doing the job of removing ground moles from your yard. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t make use of nerve agents as many other mole removal products do.

moles in ground

When you use those kinds of chemicals, you’re probably not killing all the moles, just some of them. Those that you don’t kill will just come back because they have been scared away and are hiding somewhere else in your yard. Those animals can cause significant damage to your lawn and gardens and create a lot more work for you in the long run.

Effective for Killing Moles

Vinegar is a great way to kill moles because it works quickly to get rid of moles that you can actually see and those that you don’t even see. Use this vinegar solution to get rid of ground moles in your yard by mixing equal parts water and vinegar.

Soak a towel in the solution and squeeze out the excess liquid from it. Place the cloth in the area where you’ve seen moles, then cover it up with soil or mulch. Make sure that you place it about 2 feet away from any plants so it won’t damage them as well.

Cost Effective

There is going to be no need to purchase new lawn and garden products when using this vinegar solution for ground moles removal. Instead, you can use the same ones you have been using or purchase some new ones to get rid of the infestation once and for all.

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