Seven Essential Reasons to Hire a Professional Editor

Hire a Professional Editor

Many writers believe that self-editing or asking their peers to review and edit their manuscript before the final publication might suffice – the truth, however, is the other way around. If you have just completed your first manuscript, you should seek the services of the best book editors in the UK and get your copy edited.

A professional editor is in the ideal position to point out mistakes and plot holes. As an author, it is easy to omit mistakes as one has been working on their manuscript for such a long time.

Also, the general rule of thumb is that good writing requires good editing, and a professional editor serves as a fresh pair of eyes who understands the genre expectations, industry trends, and general editing standards.

Nonetheless, a professional editor does so much more than simply correct mistakes.

Read on to learn more about the essential reasons to hire a professional editor.

Objective Assessment

A professional editor won’t shy away from providing authentic criticism. An editor’s primary concern is to make your manuscript as strong as possible.

And while your family or friend might hesitate to tell you their raw and honest opinion, a professional editor will be more than happy to address all issues and collaborate with you to make the much-needed improvements.

Fresh Perspective

Of course, you will have spent weeks, months, or even years working on that manuscript, and all the time you spent working on the manuscript makes it difficult for you to edit as your mind has become immensely familiar with the content.

Now with a professional editor by your side, you will have a fresh pair of eyes that will easily and swiftly detect the issues that you might have overlooked countless times. There might be a plot hole, repetitive grammatical errors, misuse of words, etc., that the professional editor will catch and report.


Hiring a professional editor will save you time and frustration. You will save countless hours and days that you would have spent re-reading your manuscript and trying to find the spots that need some editing.

Once you have completed your manuscript, you can move on to your next project and send your manuscript to a professional editor to do the editing for you. A professional editor will make sure to meet your deadline by editing your work within a given framework.

Now if you think of it – the professional editor will also help you save frustration as you won’t have to revise your work on your own. You will know that you have the back of a professional editor who will help you correct and improve the manuscript.

Improve Your Writing

With the help of a professional editor, you can also improve your writing. As mentioned before – a professional editor does so much more than simply point out mistakes – the job of a professional editor is versatile.

The editor is an experienced professional who specializes in their field and hence can help you improve any type of writing. This way, the professional editor can also help you perfect your writing by revealing issues related to your writing style that you never knew existed before.

improve writing

The professional editor will show you the best methods to improve your writing style and improve your work. Resultantly, you will learn to refine your writing skills which is crucial if you want to become a prolific writer.

Best Results

Another essential benefit of hiring a professional editor is that you will get the best possible results in the end.

The job of a professional editor is versatile – not only will they help you improve your manuscript and refine your writing style, but they can also assist you with creating CVs, writing letters, and even polishing the marketing content if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

Improve Language

With a professional editor by your side, you can improve your language – especially – the use of words to express your ideas and communicate effectively. A professional editor knows how to address various language-related aspects, including improving word choices within any given context.

If you have been working on a book that is written in English and English isn’t your first language, then you might want to consider hiring a professional editor who will help you improve the use of language and correct common mistakes.

Professional Help

Editing is a job that a professional editor does for a living. So, when you hire a professional editor, you will buy their editing services and have them do what they are so good at doing – editing.

A professional editor helps you develop and complete your writing projects. They will also search for incorrectly used and spelled words. They will help you re-organize paragraphs and assess the style guides to ensure that your writing style meets those standards.

They will also help you find the perfect word that is suitable for the context – and do a bunch of other things that professional editors do. Professional editors get paid for their job, which is why they will ensure that the writing is as perfect and accurate as possible.

The editing skills of a professional editor are a hundred times better than those of a friend or family.

The Takeaway

If you have sent your manuscript to publication and are met with rejections, it might be time to hire a professional editor to assess your manuscript. The professional editor will help you assess what is holding the manuscript back from getting a publication deal.

As an aspiring writer, you will want to consult a professional editor before sending your manuscript to different publishers. Doing so will improve the chances of landing a deal with a publisher. Even if you opt for self-publication, you will have the peace of mind that your content is up to the mark and that your readers will enjoy the book.

More importantly, an edited book is more attractive to potential publishers. Today, publication houses don’t keep in-house manuscript editors, which is why they prefer pre-edited books before submission.

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