5 Qualities that Make a Lawyer Stand Out

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As the legal profession shows impeccable growth in Brisbane, there are around 14,000 barristers and solicitors practising certificates in Queensland. No matter the kind of specialisation you’re looking for, Brisbane has a plentiful supply of lawyers to help you with your legal concerns. But, what qualities should you consider when looking to hire a lawyer from leading law firms like Attwood Marshall Lawyers in Brisbane to help you make the right pick? You must look out for five skills before making your decision.

Effective Communication Skills

An excellent lawyer must be great at communicating, both verbally and in writing. Communication skills can shape a good lawyer into one of the best ones in the industry. They must be able to speak to their clients, understand their circumstances and, eventually, make a compelling argument in their favour in court.

They must be fluent in their speech and should be able to move the court in their direction effectively. This skill is often developed through on-ground experience and research undertakings. Thus, account for your lawyer’s oral skills to help you choose the right one for your case.

Research And Enquiry Skills

Another crucial skill for a lawyer to possess is how well they can conduct research and enquiries. With the standard hourly rate of a senior lawyer in Brisbane costing around $350, you can now understand that these skills are irrefutable for any lawyer. For a lawyer to come out at the top, they must be able to find a new information and look around for critical data quickly and effectively. Moreover, they must use legal strategies and go through valid, verified channels to safeguard their client’s interests.

Additionally, they must understand and analyse all the information available to devise a legal course of action. Whether it’s the ability to comprehend these topics or their presence of mind while creating strategies, they must be at the top of their game to help their client seek justice or remediate a case.

Logical Thinking and Analytical Skills

Once the lawyer has the information, they must use logical thinking and rationality to proceed further. The action plan must not only abide by the legal framework but also be rational enough to conclude from the available data. They must approach the case with an air of justifiable logical and high reasoning to make the argument sound.


Moreover, they must have razor-sharp analytic skills to help them process information given to them in court. Your lawyer must be able to critically look at all the data provided and shape it to support their idea. The statement must not only be supported by evidence and facts but also be easy enough to understand, allowing them to persuade the court effectively. Not only this, they must weave a scenario so everyone can make observations, reach logical conclusions and make rational inferences.

Public Speaking Skills

A good lawyer must have excellent public speaking skills. Being well-spoken and good at communicating with a large audience is vital to help you win in court. They must be flawless in their speech and adhere to rules and regulations stipulated by the Court of Law. Some have natural talent in public speaking while others have to put the effort in it and learn how to prepare for a TED talk and be a good public speaker.

Additionally, they must be able to defend you, your actions, and themselves in court. They must put their skills to good use, from anticipating possible events to opposing arguments.

Creativity and Proactiveness

With an average salary of $184,958 per year, legal representatives from firms like Attwood Marshall Lawyers in Brisbane show extreme proactiveness and creativity to help them exceed. These are admirable qualities to look out for in your lawyer.

It will help you determine the quality of legal expertise and give you a sense of security that your lawyer is doing their best to protect your interest. Further, your lawyer must display perseverance and do whatever it takes, within legal bounds, to help the court make the right decision.

Final Words

As the demand for law firm services increased by over 6 per cent in 2022 in Brisbane, lawyers are becoming more competitive to remain in business. Check for these top qualities to see if your lawyer is the right fit.

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