Best Cost-Effective Smart Home Gadgets

Cost-Effective Smart Home Gadgets

Smart homes of today are still in the elementary stage of becoming smart in their true sense. When we talk about technology and the major shift that has taken place when everything got connected to the internet.

This has given birth to a change that has a lasting impression on people to create, connect and innovate more ways to reap the fruit of such a technological network where users and devices can share a bridge of connected people and devices.

Now in the current digital age, only certain experiments have a successful implementation which has brought convenience and the ability to have more control over the forces of nature to a certain extent.

For instance, today we have gadgets that can help us shape the entire home environment in a way that relieves stress and make us forget all the problems and events that we go through during the day. If you have a reliable internet connection like the one offered by Spectrum internet, then this will create Here is a list of gadgets that you can add up to your list and secure your homes and make life easier:

ecobee3 Smarter WiFi Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the phase of home security, but ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat is more. Both devices are almost the same as far as what they deliver is concerned. They both function based on the preferences of the user and the schedule you want the device to self-adjust the temperature.

Moreover, it gives users an amazing experience. It helps you adjust the temperature from your smartphone without getting out of your bed and go through a painful process to actually get the temperature you want. The device also helps you keep things convenient if you have a larger area of your home to cover if you can pick up a few more remote sensors. Although this might be too pricey for you it offers the convenience that you can only imagine.

On the other hand, Nest is a device that has a limited range of coverage areas. Nest is ideal for smaller residential areas or condos that are small in size. The display is, however, a good thing that it has, but ecobee3’s capacity to connect to Wi-Fi, get weather updates, and much more that you can imagine. All in all, the device is a one-window solution to many needs of a home in a digital age.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue carries the same concept of smart lighting mechanism and is fun to use around the house. While it is a kind of mainstream application where you can use a smartphone app to turn the lights on and off, Philips Hue goes a step ahead.

It actually helps you to change the mood of the room using devices of the Hue Family. This might be as affordable as you might think it is. You can also get the finance for the roof maintenance if you have no single penny in your pocket.

You might think about getting Cree Connected LED Bulbs as it might become a better option for homes. This involves using a hub and is not as colorful as the Philips Hue is. Also, you can set the degree of having a dim light and potentially save money on your utility bills.

Philips Hue

Nest Protect

As discussed above, This Nest Protect connects with the already equipped smoke and carbon monoxide detector that gives it a decent and nicer and looks better than a gray plastic speck on the ceiling. Not only it looks good, but it is also better in performance as well as gauges the probability of a situation, then notifying the user as efficiently as possible.

Even if you’re not home it sends you an instant alert. When this was not enough, the “Pathlight” feature gets you a light if the sensors on the device sense your movement through the pathway and light up the way for you.

Also, you can conveniently turn off the device’s non-emergency alarms from the app, rather than going through all the hassle and disconnecting the device and turning it on again when you’re done.  

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is basically a Bluetooth Speaker, but it doesn’t only provide merely a good music experience to go for such a price. It is more like Siri or a Google Now program for your home.

It is your digital assistant that gets you updates on weather, helps you surf the internet, helps you enjoy music, and organize your tasks, calendar, and much more when you request. The echo has been improved by Amazon and it has gone easier to use and operate over time.

Samsung SmartThings Home Hub

If you want to create a smart home with a brain that is capable of interacting with other smart devices, Samsung has something that might work for you.

You can connect to the free app and a gateway that uses both Zigbee and Z-Wave protocol delivers amazing and outstanding communication between smart home devices. You can use Alexa if you prefer using voice commands to control lights, locks, thermostats, and other voice-controlled appliances.


Gadgets and the use of technology have revolutionized the ways we handle things in our daily lives. At first, having a smart home and smart ways to mold the entire environment in the home was at first a thing that one can only imagine.

But today, innovations and the creative use of technology have provided us with such convenience, easy to handle and optimal resources to not only protect us from intrusions but also keep the environment and people in the home healthy. Pick one of these amazing gadgets and feel the convenience you deserve.

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