Eco-Friendly Pest Control Tips

There is nothing worse than going into the kitchen to see it overrun with ants. If you have a pest control problem your first thought might be to reach for the bug spray. However, an exterminator nj company says you should consider what that bug spray has in it and what that is doing to your home. You could try some eco-friendly and natural ways of getting rid of the bugs instead.

DIY All-Purpose Spray

Image result for Eco-Friendly Pest Control TipsWith natural pest control, you generally have to consider the type of insect you are dealing with and choose a method for that insect. However, if you do not want to take the time to do this there is a DIY all-purpose spray that you can make. All you need is 2 tablespoons of liquid peppermint and a gallon of water.

You should mix the peppermint into the water and pour this into a spray bottle. Apply the spray to the edges of your countertops and to the baseboards. You can also try spraying this in areas where you have seen the insects entering the house.

Keeping Ants Out

If you have issues with ants there are 2 natural options that you should consider that are also being used by some office cleaning services. The first is to sprinkle coffee grounds along windowsills and the base of the doors. This will stop the ants from entering your home. You should also consider sprinkling the coffee grounds in other areas where the ants enter.

The other option is to mix one cup of sugar water with one cup of borax. Pour the mixture into small jars that have holes in their lids. Place these in an out of the way area and the ants will be drawn to them instead of the food in your kitchen.

Using Essential Oils

Mixing 2 teaspoons of essential oils with a cup of grain alcohol and spraying it around the house is a great way to keep bugs out of the house. However, it is important that you know which oils to use as certain oils will work for certain bugs. If you want to keep ants out you can use peppermint or tea tree oil.

Mosquitoes can be kept at bay with citronella, lemon eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass and tea tree oil. If you have pets and want to keep ticks or fleas out then you should use lemongrass, lavender or rosemary. Spiders can be kept away with peppermint or by rubbing onions along the areas where the spiders enter the house.