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Why You Should Use Crowdfunding For Your Next Book

Crowdfunding is being used by many companies and start-ups to raise money for their projects and get the word out to their potential customers. If you’re a self-published author, you should consider using crowdfunding as a way to finance your next project. Try to find the fastest growing fundraising site or a popular crowdfunding site as to make sure there are potential audience out there.

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1. Give Back to Your Fans

Crowdfunding is a great way for an author to connect with your fans. Your fan base can connect with you through your crowdfunding platform and gain access to information about your new book.

Some authors have even allowed their fans to help in the creation of their work or given them a behind-the-scenes peek into their creative process.

2. Get Funding for Your Book

Many self-published authors pay thousands of dollars to get their books on the virtual bookstore shelf. If they also put out a paperback version of the book, then this price may increase.

Crowdfunding gives you the money you need to put out the best product possible. You can use these funds to edit the book, create a cover and do some initial marketing.

3. Get the Word Out About Your Book

Many people use social media to get people to their crowdfunding profile. Your fans can help in these efforts, by using their social media accounts to spread the word about your book.

As word spreads about your project on social media, you’ll get more views to your crowdfunding page. On your page, you can give a detailed description of your project. If you have social media share buttons on your page, then the people visiting your page can help get the word out to people who are interested in your project.

4. Gain New Fans

In every category of nonfiction and every genre of fiction, there are thousands of authors. This means as an author, even if you sell a fair number of books and have a large fan base, there may be many people who have never heard of you or your work.

During your crowdfunding campaign, you’ll market on social media platforms. This exposure can put your books in front of your target reader. Not only might this reader support your crowdfunding project, you may also increase the sales of your own book.

As an author, you can get the funds needed to create your book and increase your fan base. If you’re lucky, this campaign may also increase the sales of your current works.

Funding Public Place Improvements

Funding public place improvement has transformed many public places, ICON Equipment Distributors, Inc in particular stated that most improvements are new sidewalks, bicycle facilities, street trees, decorative lighting, Landscaping, Traffic signal, public place decoration and painting and much more. All these improvements reinforce any district’s strong urban identity. A good example is the midtown Alliance continues to implement capital improvements and sponsor special projects to maintain and enhance the district.

The Midtown Alliance, with the financial support of the (MID) Midtown Improvement District. They work in ensuring that the town is safe, desirable and connected for motorists, bicyclist, and pedestrians. For over the last 12 years, the MID has contributed over $20 million to leverage more than $400 million in public and private funding to:

• Carrying Out Special Projects
• Provides The required public parking space
• Improvement in traffic flow and transit accessibility
• Bicycle improvement and construct pedestrians

Grants And Programs

Liveability is one of the five priorities strategies for the departments of Transportation. The primary vision of the Transportation Policies is to focus on people and communities who use the transportation systems.

Public Safety Infrastructure Fund

The funding public safety grants are examples of the council infrastructure grants development for public development, safety and improvement community safety and confidence in public places. Funding has never been this easy.

The only limitation however is that application is required and according to research, it seems like they are currently closed. There are many websites and links available to view a list of projects funded through the 2015-16 round of public safety infrastructure fund grants. At the same time, it is very important however to learn the guidelines revolving around grand application and rewards.

Moreover it is very important to learn funding agreement terms and conditions, safer design guidelines and much more. An information forum for council staff was help on June 4th 2015. The videos and copies of the forum presentations are readily found online through several funding bodies.

The Types Of Projects To Be Funded

The truth of the matter is that there are many types projects to be funded. Well, below are some of the projects to be funded:

• Physical elements of public place CCTVs (closed circuit television systems)
• Lighting systems and other physical security and other security or safety measures
• Streetscape and amenity improvement in public areas designed to minimise the risk of crime and support safe behaviour


A Public Art Trust Fund can be set up as a discreet fund of a Public Art Program. Public art program staff would deposit all funds earmarked for public art projects

Car Detailing Has Become Very Popular

Detailing a car makes it look very nice, in fact if the work is really good it may look as if it just came out of the showroom. For this reason we spend for  a car detail, whether to give it that nice new appearance or perhaps we are getting ready to sell the car.

Car detailing became popular because it is just common sense to ride in something that is clean. Many people today use their cars for business purposes and have to pick up clients, which is a very good reason to have your car detailed at least once a month.

Detailing is good when the person doing the job actually cares about the work. You can get very bad detailing jobs where they leave parts of your car dirty, or on the outside they improperly use what it is called a clay bar treatment. That can actually take paint off your car so it is very important to research the detailer before going there. Or just get the inside of your car detailed and for the outside do it yourself or take it through a car wash.

When you’re getting ready to sell your car it is always important that you have it detailed. The first impression people have when they see the car is its appearance before they get behind the wheel. Many times you can sell a car just on appearance alone, especially if it is an older model. A good detailing effort will ensure that the car has that nice smell and not one that has a musty odor.

The musty odor usually comes from the seats and the carpeting on the floor. Between food and wet shoes it can create a musty smell because of all the bacteria growth over time. With a good detail job that uses shampoo on your carpers and seats it can get rid of the mildew smell that nobody likes.

Another reason for car detailing becoming very popular today is that we spend a lot of time in our cars. With the high costs of cars today we want to get our money’s worth and drive it around. Who wants to get into a car that is dirty and disgusting? You feel good when you’re in a clean car, one that smells and looks great.

There are many detailers out there so you know people are constantly taking their cars in to be cleaned. Just make sure you do your due-diligence before going to a detailer, this way you find one that does a great job.

Invest In Your Own Portable Trenching Machine

If laying pipe is one the construction jobs that you do plenty of, then investing in a portable trenching machine is a worthwhile money saver. This small tools at home will save you funds for other expenses. There are a few advantages to renting, but once you look at the bigger picture, then focus your business on the lucrative pipe laying business, it’s pretty obvious buying your own machine is the way to go.

There Are Different Kinds Of Trenching Machines
Each different type is a little better at digging one kind of trench than another. The chain trencher is one that has a large chain, similar to a chain saw for cutting wood, that does the work. This is the most popular for hard soils with plenty of rocks, cuts deep and narrow so it’s easier to fill in, and changing the depth of the trench is as easy as tilting the boom up and down.

The portable trencher comes in a chain model or blade, but doesn’t go as deep as the sit on  models. It’s primarily used in  landscaping, gardening, or laying irrigation pipes. It wouldn’t be a good option for laying a deep sewer connection, or pipes more than about 3 ft. below the surface. They are quite handy though, cost much less money, and can be brought to a job site in a small truck without a trailer. Because of their portability they get used extensively at many construction sites.

There is also a wheel trencher that can cut even the hardest of rocky soils and has tires similar to a large rototiller. It  goes much more rapid than the chain trencher, and the cutting wheel lasts longer when used in hard terrain compared to the chain trencher. This makes it less expensive to operate over the long term.

When Renting A Trencher Beware Of These Things

If you plan on renting a walk behind trencher to try one out before you purchase, make sure that it comes with good traction tires. The reason for this is that once you hit some wet grass or mud, a smooth, worn out tire, will just slip and never progress. It will also have problems going deeper that about a foot because of the same problem, slippage.

Another common problem, believe it or not, is many of the mechanics tend to mount the chains or tires backwards. When they’re on backwards the tires tend to slip more, and the chain doesn’t cut as it should.

Investing in your own portable trenching machine is usually the best way to go if you have a lot of that kind of work available. The rental machines you’ll find at most yards are most likely worn out and abused to the point where you’ll waste more time driving back and getting them fixed than if you just dig the trench by hand.

Planting a Solar Orchard

Financial Details:

Steel Structure – quote from Metal Supermarkets
ERG Purchasing Overhead (7% purchasing budget)
Item Cost Donate
materials and equipment $42,750.22 Donate This Amount
Shed $749.00 Donate This Amount
Nylon Washers $50.00 Donate This Amount
Steel Washers $100.00 Donate This Amount
System Plumbing – Piping Interconnects $17,900.00 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Solar Cells $200.00 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Bike Wheel Drive Motors $324.87 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Battery $191.40 Donate This Amount
Bolts for Steel $60.00 Donate This Amount
Transportation $500.00 Donate This Amount
Jig Table – Bolts $10.00 Donate This Amount
Instrumentation – Solar Irradiation Monitor $1,000.00 Donate This Amount
Computer $1,000.00 Donate This Amount
Jig Table – Blocks $50.00 Donate This Amount
Counterweight – Bucket $7.02 Donate This Amount
Counterweight – 1 cu yard of concrete $110.00 Donate This Amount
Counterweight – Chain $60.00 Donate This Amount
Mirror – official quote from Garden Galax $6,110.00 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Wheels $193.00 Donate This Amount
Aluminum Frame – Rod $232.80 Donate This Amount
Receiver Coil – Copper Tubing $199.81 Donate This Amount
Receiver Coil – Coating $15.94 Donate This Amount
Aluminum Frame – Tubing $1,430.39 Donate This Amount
Steel Fabrication $831.36 Donate This Amount
Steel Structure – quote from Metal Super… $4,123.73 Donate This Amount
Steel Structure – Powder Coating $1,471.80 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Bike Wheel Metal $237.60 Donate This Amount
Receiver Post – Aluminum $708.45 Donate This Amount
Receiver Post – Insulation $176.31 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – PCB Boards $600.00 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Power Electronics $100.00 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Sensor Eye $200.00 Donate This Amount
Mechatronics – Jack Screw (6) $994.30 Donate This Amount
Foundation – Poured Concrete $1,128.15 Donate This Amount
Foundation – Framing Wood $1,205.79 Donate This Amount
Foundation – Rebar Curtain, 65 pieces $478.50 Donate This Amount
personnel and wages $24,000.00 Donate This Amount
8 Summer Student Stipends $24,000.00 Donate This Amount
fees and permits $4,910.00 Donate This Amount
ERG Purchasing Overhead (7% purchasing b… $4,910.00 Donate This Amount
publicity and communication $920.55 Donate This Amount
Webcam and Cables $920.55 Donate This Amount

Making Solar Power Affordable and Efficient

The Problem: Solar energy technology is very expensive, limiting the number of people and places that can benefit from its incredible potential.

The Plan: To utilize existing, cheap materials and innovative design to significantly reduce the cost of solar energy.

The Impact: This technology could be deployed to both developed and developing-world communities, bringing cutting-edge solar technology to millions of people who today cannot afford the high capital investment.

More info: Want to dig deeper? Go the the Project Details page to learn more about this project.